July 28, 2019

So, besides all the engagement excitement, I did a little site update.  I changed the navigation menu to be less oblong lol.  I added animation to the menu, Simpsons Mike, and each page's icon when viewed on a mobile device.  I uploaded the "In Search of California" video to the main page for now, and will move it to videos and acting sections on my site. 

In June 2019, "The Nowhere Men" played a full set of Beatles covers for a surprise birthday party.  Jim Fusco, Steve M, Matt M,...

July 28, 2019

Well, that was a freebie!  My blog editor starts off with a blank text box that suggests I "add an engaging title".... and that's exactly what I did!  

So much to update you all on!  First of all, my hiatus this year has not been for lack of creative work, it's just that I was making a secret project.... An engagement video for Cali!  And she said YES!  So... here's how it happened.  I bought a new MacBook Pro 15", a new Canon Mirrorless DSLR (EOS M50 in White, to be different, of course)....

February 19, 2019

On the 18th day of February 2019, Chris and I began the official sessions of our first DryKnuckle BedHeads album!  Here’s the session notes from the quick evening meeting: 

  • Coffee, track selection, studio equipment prep

  • Solidified “Nobody Revisited” (live arrangement) 

  • Finished lyrics to “Call the Bus”
  • Lyrical edits to “Patches” and “Relationship Harbor”
  • Practiced “Lose it! ...Or Use It” 
Big, full day planned for tomorrow. Very excited to pick up on 2019 where 2018 left off... with some serious stud...

January 5, 2019

Hey everyone!  Posted a new mix of "Angel on My Tree" after hearing in a car and a few other sources.  this may change many times between the re-release in November.... you know, when people actually wanna hear Christmas music haha.  I have been dusting off some Future Classics that have not been released yet.  I want to get good mixes and finish those pesky Bass tracks and harmonies that always seem to hold me back, due to their daunting nature.  "Freezing Time" is one that comes to mind, so lo...

January 3, 2019

When did I last post on here?? Hahah HI EVERYONE!  And HAPPY NEW YEAR!  So while I fell short of releasing BOTH new Christmas songs by Christmas 2018, Chris and I did manage to release the perfect “Christmas from Now On” in time to be the song of the season!  Also, on January 1st 2019, I released “Angel on My Tree” and is available for free streaming or purchase download!  Is it perfect?  No. I think in November of This year I’ll revisit two or three bits of fine tuning (lead vocal that I record...

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