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Hey everyone! Posted a new mix of "Angel on My Tree" after hearing in a car and a few other sources. this may change many times between the re-release in November.... you know, when people actually wanna hear Christmas music haha. I have been dusting off some Future Classics that have not been released yet. I want to get good mixes and finish those pesky Bass tracks and harmonies that always seem to hold me back, due to their daunting nature. "Freezing Time" is one that comes to mind, so look for a new, ALL SEASON TIRES....as in a song for all seasons that you won't TIRE of! Speaking of seasons, here is a few pics from the Christmas trip home that was the absolute BEST, including studio


When did I last post on here?? Hahah HI EVERYONE!  And HAPPY NEW YEAR!  So while I fell short of releasing BOTH new Christmas songs by Christmas 2018, Chris and I did manage to release the perfect “Christmas from Now On” in time to be the song of the season!  Also, on January 1st 2019, I released “Angel on My Tree” and is available for free streaming or purchase download!  Is it perfect?  No. I think in November of This year I’ll revisit two or three bits of fine tuning (lead vocal that I recorded while sick, piano during breakdown part of song, and some guitar/drum interludes I want to adjust).  But, for now, it’s there to enjoy for those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to the most wonderfu

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Live at the Covina Farmer's Market in Covina, CA, I gave a two+ hour chilling performance for shoppers, crafters, and cookers alike.  Of course, the chilling was more due to Mother Nature (around 50 degrees the whole outdoor, night time set!), but I'd be willing to wager some goosebumps were provided by my awesomeness.  And I had to be awesome... I promised I'd rock like it's the end of the world. 


My first real concert, played at the world famous Whisky A Go Go in the heart of Hollywood.  I rocked an acoustic 45 minute set, playing songs old and new, with percussion help from those in the crowd who cheered on


The final nail is hammered into place by my father, completing a 2+ year effort to finish my home recording studio.  Located in the woods of beautiful Wallingford, CT (my home town!), it rests dormant until I get back to record.  I have just left my home of 26 years to pursue an unplanned adventure across th country, making good on a self-promise to someday move to California.  Shed Zeppelin (Also named Studio Fifty-Fusc, flatFLAT, Wallywood, Feel-Like-Makin-Loft Studios, and Bowl of Studi'Os) was completed the very day I left...Breaking my streak of never finishing anything.  It still remains my absolute favorite place on the planet.  

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