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I'm Pickin Up

What's up dudes and Bettys?  It's the beach boy here!  Today my girlfriend California (makes me shake my head and smile every time I swear!) surprised me with the new anniversary edition release of the "Good Vibrations" single on sunburst colored vinyl! 😍 then we laid on the floor of my room and put on the record player and I proceeded to talk her ear off about the genius of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys as a whole. They are America's band... and much in the way the Beatles changed everyone including my parents lives at that critical age, for me, even more so, The Beach Boys were IT.  I study them. I sang along in the back seat of the blue Dodge Grand Caravan (which were actually very hip when they first came out!) to every Beach Boys album as my dad began to collect them and appreciate them decades too late. I believe it was at a record store that's since closed at the outlets near my moms family's house that my dad got a greatest hits album that he enjoyed. Then, he had one of those publisher clearinghouse sort of music memberships that brought it some of the "deeper" albums... but we loved them. There's something so complex and spiritual in their music, even their "throwaways" or "album fillers" had something just on the next level of other acts. 

This inspired us to watch part 1 of 4 of the beach boys: an American Family movie (the early 2000s abc made for tv special . I LOVE going through this. It screams good music, passion, and helps to energize me. Gotta hit the hay... goodnight surfer moon 

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