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Knocked the Pantages Off of Me

It's wildly accepted that Memorial Day weekend kicks off summer, and I guarantee there was no better possible way to do it than with seeing Brian Wilson live at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood perform Pet Sounds and all The Beach Boys hits, with the company of my forever concert companion Tomas and The California girl herself!  We had an absolute blast and they sounded amazing. Brian, as I may have mentioned before, seems to be enjoying himself and doesn't look so medicated anymore. He knew everyone's names and his family came out on stage at the end to dance along. The band was flawless, as always. I had to choose between 4 shirts I own that all tie into the show (went with the one that fit me at the moment haha) and then we got some dunkin coffee after that. 

Tmrw will be a day of enjoying the freedoms and liberties we often take for granted.  We'll be spending it hiking, eating seafood, beaching, and shopping. Looking ahead to all the summer is going to bring- I can't wait for it!  Trip home at the end of July for one of my oldest friends' wedding and to see my family, friends, and studio. Hope all is well!  Enjoy that sum sum summa time! 

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