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Taking a stand

When life gives you no money, sell lemonade!  Sped by this cute little kid who had this setup. Jumping and waving, yelling and dancing to every car that went by. It reminded me of me and my brother Jim selling Fireball candies in the summer from our picnic table. We had dreams of cars stopping and making a fortune. When we'd play basketball, we'd imagine an NBA scout would come by and see our mad skills haha... so I drove by... barely a nickel to my name, but a pocketful of dreams (how I live most of my life).  I got about five blocks away and my head voice said, "what would mike fusco do?"  

He'd make a sloppy K-turn, speed back, and make the kids day. He setup that stand and sat out in the heat amidst the hustle and bustle of a city too crowded to notice, too cool to care, to rich to spare some for those in need... and I remember being that boy. I'm afraid at age 31 I'll ALWAYS be that dreamer. 

He gave me the glass, which I thought was a display model lol... I gave him $5 and a high five. He didn't know what to say when I got there or when I left... he shouted, "goodbye!!! Thank you!... see you... next year!" ❤️😊 

Today's advice:  slow down and smile 

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