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Ear Snacks

Here, or should I say hear, is some limited releases exclusive to the MFDOTCALM site... nothing official, nothing fancy... just a few snacks for your ears to munch on!

Live at "Perk on Main" 4/1/16

Playing With Fire - Mike Fusco (with Chris Moore)
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Live at the Whisky A Go Go

Do You Have A Sister? - Mike Fusco
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Ghost Town - Mike Fusco
00:00 / 00:00
Evil Disappointment - Mike Fusco
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I Adore You - Unknown Artist
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Mumbo Jumbo - Mike Fusco
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You I Won't Forget - Mike Fusco
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Modern Day Pocahontas - Mike Fusco
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The DryKnuckle BedHeads

Ladies and gentlemen... THE DRYKNUCKLE BEDHEADDDSS!  Product of the now defunct Masters of the Universe, Chris Moore and Mike Fusco embarked upon a song-writing collaborative endeavor for the ages.  Currently, they are about 75 percent finished amassing songs for their debut release, "McCall Heracles:  Are You Human?"  why that name?  because when signing up for the band's twitter feed, the computer made us verify our identity was real.  And this is what they asked up to type.  Yup.  


Track list to come!





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