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Masters of the Universe

CD Release Party


Here's an excerpt from our home-staged CD Release Party for the band "Masters of the Universe"... I put this here in honor of the 10th anniversary since its release- March 31st.  This is the closing track I wrote called "Ghost Town" and means a great deal to me... 


JULY 1ST, 2016  At the wonderful marriage of Chris Moore and Nicole Fekete, the DRYKNUCKLE BEDHEADS had a rousing performance for one single but breathtaking song, "The One for Me".  Originally the hidden track off of 2011's "The 2010 Project" (haha), this version featured Chris Moore on lead vocals, blues harp, and 12 string acoustic guitar with Mike Fusco on electric guitar and background vocals.  Gear List (Close up pics in the Gear Section of my site!)  .  VIDEO BELOW!

~Takamine 12 String Acoustic-Electric EG523SC12

~Deluxe Player's Stratocaster- Honey Blonde circa 2005 

~Fender SuperSonic 112 Tube Amp

~Shure Microphones

~Fender PassPort Series PA System

~Hohner Blues Harp

Original Song Videos
Cover Song Videos




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