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I'd like to start off by saying I think I do a really good job not bragging about myself... Wait, that sounded conceited.  What I meant was... I don't know ANYONE who does a better job at staying humble!  Much better.  lol all kidding aside, welcome to mikefusco dot calm... I'm hoping you find yourself here as a friend I know or haven't met yet.  I really do appreciate you taking your time to look around and read about my life, look at my photos, and get to know a little (or a whole lot) about me through my songs.  


To start, I began playing drums around age 13... although I've been pictured as early as age 4 with a Mickey Mouse drum set.  My brother Jim would get lessons and I would listen from upstairs and wait until no one was around to try it out for myself.  Drums forever will be my favorite instrument because of the energy behind it.  I was fortunate enough to have my parents bring us to many concerts growing up, and one in particular was Ringo Starr at the old, historic Oakdale Theater in my hometown Wallingford, Connecticut.  When coming down the aisle, security prevents people from shaking his hand, and one of the men practically bent my arm backwards.  Over the crowd, Ringo happened to hear me yelp as I got pushed back.... And he stopped, turned around,... walked over to only me and shook my hand.  I think it was then the universe solidified the fact I would someday play drums


As I got to high school, songs would come to me and to be accompanied by drums only requires one to have an incredible imagination.  It's tough to have a song come to you as a final product and not be able to recreate it.  With necessity comes invention/inspiration.  I accidentally stumbled on guitar, trying to recreate a chord my brother and friend Jeff played (what I later found out is a G)... Needless to say, I picked it up and invented a chord and a whole song came to me... ever since ten I've been playing my 6 or 12 a G ;)


As that first song, "You I Won't Forget" came to me, I stayed up all night just trying to invent the chords to match up to the full tune and lyrics that had come to me.  It took me ALL night, but it was a life-changing night.  The next morning... okay, early afternoon, I woke up ewith newfound ambition.  I thought, "I have a song on piano... it's only 3 chords.  I can learn three chords and try it on guitar.  Let's do this."  So I grab a chord book and strum a D... and that little triangle of madness took only one strum... and another song came to me!  Needless to say I spent all day figuring out the chords to THAT song, but it opened a Pandora's box (well, more like a Napster box at the time... kids, that's digital music sharing joke for us adults).  Every since, I found myself stealing my brother's solid top Ibanez acoustic guitar.  It was my best friend.  I carried it just about everywhere.. it laid down on the floor next to me when I'd sleep on the couch.  It was my right and left hand man.  

After that, I started learning the ins and outs of multitracking.  To this day, the hardest thing for me is finding a way to get what's in my brain onto tape accurately.  I've often said, "I wish you could just plug the headphones into my brain.. like one in each ear."  The never-ending pursuit :)


When I started working, I would use the money to buy three things.... Gas, hopeless romantic movies on sale at Blockbuster (and some taco bell), and I'd go to my local music shop J.C. Music in Meriden, CT to buy a new percussion instrument.  I looked forward to going every week and taking the $97or so bucks I had and getting some new thing I needed to get "my sound".  My sound?.. That's a tough term because it's always evolving and never done with intention.  I can literally recreate myself with every single song because I didn't write it.  Call it God, energy form the universe, or just a build-up of emotion and adrenaline from a heart that's never learned to slow from it's incredible thump...always over whatever girl happened to play the leading lady in my eyes.  


After I got more into guitar and percussion, I wanted to expand my instrument horizons and I bought what would become one of my favorite things ever.  The ukulele.  I remember when the man at J.C. took it down from the high hooks over their register and told me, "Yeah, it's only $99 bucks- it's actually a really great model."  I'd come to learn that it really was a quality instrument, but that was after I bought it.  Sometimes you see something and your heart and body so lusts for it... you literally feel your chest struggle to hold in your heart as it reaches out towards it.  To myself, I've called that "the pull".  Secret to getting to know me.  I am a man who follows "the pull"... it's very selective, unpredictable, but I can truly say it has never steered me wrong.  Good or bad, successes or predicaments... it has made every step of this life seem so much more than "normal".  To me... being "Normal" is the equivalent of being devoid of pulse.  


So my sound built upon experimental percussion, chord-filled acoustic guitar, light and whimsical flat-picking, harmonies, and some piano/uke sprinkled in.


After awhile, I started to realize that my songs weren't just pointless things... they were workers.  They were machines for change.  They were mechanisms of coping.  If some overwhelming situation occured, it would build up until my soul spewed out the music and words in a bolt of teen lightning.  In the same regard, if it wasn't an experience but a circumstance, good or bad, that drove me off the edge, more music would come.  My life stopped being about my conscious decisions- with cause and effect.  Instead, it molded my life.  My heart felt what I want and music would come through me, I'd give it and get what I want... and the situations would create more moments I could saturate in- and the cycle would complete.  To this date, I have over 250 songs.  It's hard to comprehend that when most of my favorite artists have that split amongst 4 band members over a 50 year career.  Here I stand at age 29 with 14 years under my belt living this insane, impulsive, yet perfect way. Who the hell needs to be normal? :) 






More than Decent December ...2017!
Magic is alive...

Saved this month's update for a quick year-end review.  This year, put simply, I didn't accomplish all I hoped to... but I did have a good year (despite our President!).  I had the best Christmas trip with a White Christmas!  I got to be present for every family event.  I climbed Angel's Landing during an awesome road trip with my equally awesome girl friend at Zion National Park,   closed my credit cards, and just when I thought I had hit a dry year for new songs, Chris and I co-wrote 4 in the last month that I think are the best ever... especially "The Last Song" on ukulele, "Back Home", and "Good Kinda Tired" being my favorites.  Also, there were a handful of other songs during the year and finally a couple videos to break the ice.  As I sit here at JFK Airport following a snowy Saturday in CT, I'm looking forward to next year!

~mike, signing off for 2017.  

Embers flying in November...2017!
Cyber One day...

My favorite month of the year is upon me.  As I sip the first sips of a Gold Star, free reward Peppermint Mocha, I am having flashbacks to cold nights on Starbucks' patio in East Hollywood.  I have a potential gig that I'm awaiting details on for this month, but if that falls through, I will just have to focus on the endless catalogue I have and recording halfway decent versions.    I have two months left to make this year truly count on this site and to those who enjoy my songs, so I won't let you down (aka my mom and Chris haha). Check back for the blog soon!   

~mike, 2017.  

Roamer in October...2017!
Fall'ing for the first time...

Well, it's been a dynamic summer, but time for the most inspiring time of year!  Unfortunately, this month has been defined early by tragedy.  Not only yet ANOTHER mass shooting, but also the death of Legend Tom Petty (more on my blog about this), family injury, and a best friend's car injury.  But the show must go on.  I have gotten bills in order and for the first time in a very long time, feel in control and empowered about my future.  Someday I'll have my CT mansion and land so big, it makes one dream and breathe deeply... but til then, I have some impact to make in the world to show why I was put here.  Stay tuned!  5 years and suddenly it feels new and exciting all over again! 

~mike, 2017.  

Aww Gusts Blow!  On to A September to Remember!...2017!
Mac Can't Hack...

If you've noticed the monthly updates have been lacking, it's due to the serious formatting problems I've had all month.  I've spent the last few hours fixing it once and for all.  I've been working on my video backdrop setup in my room here in LA.  Once that's complete, you'll see why I did it.  Then, hopefully the videos can flow!  Submitted to about 30 auditions last weekend but they were mostly about to film already, so I'll work on that again tonight and tomorrow when all the new listings are posted. I am off to reformat the mobile platform now, which is always eye-stabbingly good fun!  But that's the price to pay for a SHARP looking Eye-phone webSIGHT!  ....i'll stop before you decide to never come back again haha.  Check back soon!  

~mike, 2017.

July!...aye ya yay 2017!
I'll stop the world and melt with you...

Hello summer lovers... hope you're having a blast!  Somehow, despite this terrible president we have, I find this year is zipping by like I can't imagine.  I have heard form my parents that time passes faster the older you get.  However, there are those summer days, such as this weekend, that seem to last forever in the best of ways.  This month will take me and the gf back east for an exciting trip!  I'll see one of my closest friends Kevin get married, and we're going to go watch some more live wrestling- but GFW style!  I can hardly wait I want to jump out of my sandals with excitement just thinking about it!!!  Off to apply for some gigs.  Been working on restoring my pedal board as the dust de-adhered the glue and conquered the velcro that once held it together.  I've done a lot of research on signal chain (and realized how little I knew!), so I can't wait to experiment on the Gibson vintage amp.  I'll post pics on the blog when it's all done.  See you all soon!  

~mike, 2017.  

June...and Not A Moment Too Soon! 2017!
Collecting Culture in the summer!...

Happppppy JUNE!  I have to apologize to my loyal, hardcore, and patient fan-base... I wish I had a decent excuse for not being online, but I don't have one.  I was bouncing back from an amazing, surprising trip home to CT to surprise my mom on her birthday.  Since then, me and Chris have a new song nearly penned, I've seen the Moody Blues at the Hollywood Bowl with Tomas before he flew to Spain, saw the Mets lose twice at Dodger Stadium, and saw WWE RAW live at the Staples Center with Cali.  you gotta live to write, ya know?  So... consider it deposits to the memory bank that I can tap into into in the future.  

May... I Help You? 2017!
Keep an eye on summer!...

What else is new?  IM SICK!  I've recently lost my voice, which is a bummer.  Look for it on a milk carton near you.  I've finally gotten my room to about 90% complete, and I can definitely feel the unburdening in my soul.  I got a new microphone for my birthday and after a minor lemon-setback with the first, I'm happy to report the newest one is working perfectly!... so I've heard from my dad and bro lol.  I can't wait to get back and use it/play some shows with it.  My hopes for this month is getting my youtube video, home recording, and street or stage rigs all ready to go.  A few small pieces remain to complete, but this is the closest I've been!  thanks for stopping by and check out the blogs this month! 

~mike, 2017.  

Goin 2017!
Happy Springtime!...

Been awhile, but managed to get my monthly update in while it's still April... so props to me on proving myself wrong LOL.  I had such a busy last month with my birthday, NYC trip, and CT travel.  I have fortunately come up with a few new options to record a full album or at least a totally professional EP for record label submissions.  In addition, my small flat here in LA will be getting an overhaul that will allow it to double as a music workspace.  I have a small list of some things I need to buy within the next month, but it will certainly help to give me the tools I need to pursue my various crafts.  Jack of all trades, master of none! ;) Hope you are doing well... Next update will be on time for May...May-be!  In the meantime, check the blog and videos once my new Share mic comes into my possession for videos and the YouTube Channel!  Lates! 

~mike, 2017.  

Big Breaks, Much Needed Breaks, and Break-Ins... oh my!  March 2017

Had my first taste of real, Hollywood auditioning (non-reality show parts).  It went really well, as did trips with my visitors- Jim one weekend and Steve another.  The Disney trip with Steve and Cali was nothing short of magical (despite no fireworks)!  The only damper was Cali's car getting broken into outside of Canter's.  A total nightmare. But the show must go on, and we won't let it stop us from living.  

Almost time for our trip back home!  I can't wait.  I will update you in the blog for the next round of auditions.  Wish me luck!  

~mike, 2017. 

When We Was 'Feb 2017!
Cue the pid...

(dusts off keyboard).  Wow... time flies when you're selling your soul to the man!  LOL just kidding.  This hard work and living more simply is part of my 2017 goal of paying off bills in order to invest in my future out of the red, especially with music.  The downside is finding time to work on things and not walk through life like a zombie. I'm beginning to concede that one cannot be without the other, and thus you may see a shift back into sleep little/do a lot.  Oh well.  I'll rest when I'm dead!  Anywho, look for some video's to start popping up now that I got a haircut in my blog posts.  Catch you in March- can't wait for Spring and sunshine!  

~mike, 2017.

BrandNewAry 2017!
New Year, Still Here...

Year two of has arrived!  So, some quick details on the changes to the site.  First of all, some aesthetic adjustments with font, boxes, etc.  Also, the Desktop/laptop version of the site has removed the 2 column format to a main blog page, due to shift in mobile viewers.  This will help align an equal experience.  Monthly Check-Ins (such as this) will be brief with site updates and news.  Blogs will be right below the Live dates.  I archived the 2016 Monthly Check-ins under the "My Story" section of the site.  The photo/video tab has been changed from Paparazzi to Fusctography.  Gear section will be updated and hopefully new headshots sliding on the main home site.  Thanks for checking it out, this is the year of the Blog- constant photo, news, and video updates!  Enjoy! :)

~mike, 2017. 

Michael  D(ecember) Fusco!
Christmas dreams come true...

A full year from!  I had the most wonderful trip home again for the holidays.  It was the normal 2 weeks, but seemed shorter with Christmas and coming back to LA before new year's.  Alas, that's where I write to you now, from my extraordinarily humble abode in the heart of Hollywood.  I moved here 4 years ago with one goal in mind, and I have found myself this year making some strides toward it, but always staying cautious about it.  Why?  It's so tough to stop taking life seriously... but that's my goal for 2017.  To stop stressing.  

I get easily agitated and it's usually at myself, and I need to improve on that.  I have touched upon this in blogs earlier in the year, and the fact is I could always be in a better place.  What I am looking to do is challenge myself for the next year.  If I want to have a huge house in Connecticut and kids and a loft in Los Angeles for my music pad/place to work on business (especially if California goes on to do wedding planning), that will require a higher paying job and more flexibility.  However, I'm 30.  I'm not dead.  My art and my "dreams" aren't either.  2017 will be a rough year with that miserable Trump taking over the White House... but I am going to do right by My current President and put my best self forward.  That may mean less indulgent food options, more sleep, more time "working", and less extravagant spending.  However, I believe in myself.  I have always believed there is nothing in this world I couldn't do if I put my heart behind it.  2013-2015 were years of dreaming... 2016 was a year of planning... 2017 will be my year of Light.  My year of cameras.  

My year of action.  Thank you for spending this year with me and I look forward to changes and excitement in the new year!  

~Mike Fusco, signing off for 2016.  

No, Shave!  November! :)
i'm dreaming of a black friday...

November 2016... November!  November??  NOVEMBER!  So much excitement!  4 years ago, I got to debut back in CT for the first time since I embarked on my journey to be the next big thing in...well...anything besides REAL work haha.  It took awhile, but I'm still here chipping away at that goal more than ever before.  I've been applying to a lot of opportunities again and contacting resources I've acquired in my short tenure here.  

As for November, this month is always about the most dynamic for me every year.  I can't wait to visit back home, play Christmas music, shop til and my bank account drops, and eat til my buttons burst.  In the meantime, my goal for the month, besides getting my voice and health back 100 percent, is playing any shows that arise.  I have a couple open mic nights (no, Im not getting evening surgery!.... open-Mike nights.... hey, I laughed!).  I'll be posting all the dirty deets about those soon.  in the meantime, it's back to work.  Honing in on the last monthly update of the year... I'll archive them come new year and start this page fresh.  I'm happy I've stuck with it the whole year, thanks to help from my brother and support from the awesome girls in my life.... namely my mom and Cali :)  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  and Lord.... let's pray this election ;) 


Yes-Shave November Mike Fusco.

Microphone smells like a beer...

October 2016... Happiest fall wherever you may be!  I have had a busy few weeks researching studios for the upcoming year (even if my first real release can't come at Capitol Records, I can still find a historically relevant studio to get an EP done!).  So between jamming, planning, and researching, I have been keeping ideas rolling.  I had a great and inspirational trip home at the end of last month and beginning of this month.  I got the new iPhone 7 Plus, so that will help me get some more media on here in conjunction with the GoPro Hero HD camera (grabbing alternate angles).  Next step is to either find a new place to live of similar price with more space or rework my current space as long as water bugs and ants and crazy roommates don't drive me out hahah.  I am having a tough time with song selection for my first release.  There's such an eclectic variety of genres represented in my repertoire (that seemed like too many big words in one sentence....gotta even this out with some cave man..)  Me have no idea what songs pick for CD.  okay, that was half Yoda, half Cave man :) 


Starting new exercise regimen and sleep regimen as well- it's tedious when you reach a certain age and after work, the only way to stay sane is to stay up late and find entertainment.  But... its gotta be done so I can have new photos, videos, and get acting in the focus again.  


Thanks for stopping in to read the monthly update, albeit it a slightly delayed one.  It's almost that time.... the most wonderful time of the year!.... ;) Happy halloween!  go get candy from people you don't know and get in a strangers car.  What... I just mean go Trick or Treat and take an Uber home!  hahahahahahaha..... BYE!

ps.  down with trump. 

Heyyyyy Mr (Sep-Tember-ine) Man, Write a Post for Me
Jingle Jangle Fall Mornings...

SEPTEMBER 2016... Man, those monthly puns are getting harder and harder to write... How the heck am I gonna do Next year?!?  :)  Well... Hello everyone!  I've had a last month plagued with viruses but now starting to turn the corner.  I've been spending my Friday and Saturday nights working in tedious, electronic instrument fashion.  It's not for me.  I can't do drum loops.  I end up sitting there tapping my beat onto my portable USB piano keys lol... I learned all the instruments I know out of necessity and I would give anything to live in my recording studio.  Can't I just put it on wheels and travel the nation??  That's the dream! :) 

Been dusting off a few older tunes that I LOVE and that feel very modern in their style.  "Perfect World" is a perfect example.  It's like if Brian Wilson did a modern R&B/pop song.  I forgot it even existed until the other day and now I am hooked on it.  I am doing research on PA systems and if I need to rent one for my upcoming gig or spring and buy it.  I want to book more shows to make the purchase a little more warranted.  Daily, however, I seem to only find crap online.  I'm about to get my street performer's permit and go to the beach once a week like when I first moved.  

My voice has mostly come back and I got a new 30 pin to Lightning Bolt adapter so I can hear my voice recordings and songs in the car.  That's what's been missing.... that desire to hear how something "sounds in my head" and "try it out".  A lot of times my rough demos become the actual final song.  Some examples- "Slice of Heaven", "Haunted", and most recently "California".  That song and "Getting Lost" are done save for vocal parts.  My immune system has terrible timing, however.

The best thing about today- today is my 4 year anniversary of packing up the Fustang and making my unknown journey south and west.  I'll write a blog and go over those details.  This month, however, you can look forward to new gigs being posted, new songs uploaded, and major content updates on my site.  For now, thanks for stopping by and happy Labor Day Weekend!  

~M Dog

The Answers are blowin in AUGUST of wind!  
Summer Savior...

AUGUST 2016... and still growing!  This has been a productive last month in some of the more tedious areas of life.  The things that go unnoticed... Making external soundcards work, digging up old/forgotten songs, typing out lyrics for the lyric book addition, formatting mobile and web-based versions of my site... but I'm happy I've stuck with it!  After owning my domain named for a long time, I've passed a year of new and constantly updated content!  


So things to look forward to this month... More summer traveling has helped inspire me and drive me to know what I want in life.  This world has so much to offer if you 1. share your gifts to the world and 2. learn to say YES.  I've been doing a lot more saying Yes and throwing caution in the wind, and it's made a noticable change.  I'm excited to go explore Joshua Tree soon with Cali and to visit back home when the ticket price is right.... There are few things in the world as wonderful as Autumn in Connecticut! :) I can't wait!  

In the mean time, I'll be pushing on the acting front, as every day I have patients ask why aren't I an actor and friends ask why aren't I a comedian.  I've run out of answers... sooo why not resume that part of life?  The only ones who make it are the ones "foolish" enough to never stop believing in themselves.  I just turned 30, and while I wish I could say I've matured or taken life more realistically... the answer is I haven't!  I believe now and everything seems to be very in reach instead of impossible.  It's never too late to follow your heart or dreams... Surround yourself with great friends/family... find love...


and just keep saying Yes :)  Okay, gonna add some updates to the blog, check em out!  


Is that ALL true?  Nooo...JULY! '16 

JULY 2016 has to be one of my favorite months of my entire life.  Despite terrible American Airlines travel experiences (but that's nothing new), I got to be a proud Godfather to the cutest baby in the whole world Jonny Fusco, I got to be a best man to the coolest guy in the whole world, Chris Moore.. and I got to show my home town to the coolest girlfriend in the world and have her meet the greatest parents and friends one could ever fathom.  Lack of money and accomplishments be damned, it's hard to not feel lucky when one has that many blessings.  

I'm currently doing my best to chip away at the latest music endeavors.  Chris and I wrote a new song that I eluded to in a recent blog post, and I am hoping to actually (hold your breath) complete a song this month. That sounds like such an easy task, but with work, life, money, and limited resources, it's tough to pull off what I want to.  I have to load video of "The One for Me" that Chris and I played at his amazingly fun wedding, and I'll add that and previous demos of content to the band section.  This will be a DryKunckle Bedheads kinda month.  I wish peace and love to you all in this crazy world and I'll hit you with some blogs and content soon!

~fusc daddy 

We've Landed on the JUNE! '16 

Can't I be making enough to have an assistant??  Or hire someone to do this all for me?  lol welcome to JUNE!  My favorite month of the year.  For the lovers of Summer, June is the Friday Night and the warmth of the sun for months is in full anticipation mode.  Very excited for my first summer trip home to Connecticut for my best friend's wedding and some studio time.  That trip will be short, however... but in August into September, I'm hoping to take a longer one to work on projects and enjoy the beginning of Autumn.  September nights in CT- there is nothing like them for inspiration!  I added a two video sliders and started the "My Gear" section of the site.  That is a feature that will be up, easy to maintain, and bring more traffic in.  I have to find a better gallery and do formatting on the mobile version of the site.  Tonight while my gf is studying for finals, I'll begin embarking upon the "Moving to California" photo and video section of the "My Story" part of the site.  Knowing history and the travels one has been on definitely helps to know them as a person.  So I think rather than list off goals I hope to accomplish, I'm going to just say actions speak louder than words... So let me get to it and you guys and gals keep checking back and enjoy the new content!  :)  happiest summer, I'll keep you updated in between with blog posts!

Dis MAY with no DISMAY '16 

Ahoy, Hoy!  Another month is upon us.  So I have many goals for this month, and hoping to finish a few new projects I've started last month that (as always with me) are more ambitious than realistic time allows for.  But that's the life I wanna live!  Dreaming too big is so much better than dreaming within reality.  Every truly great thing was at one time considered impossible... So it's made me raise my dream bar so that the starting place of all I want to accomplish is the very end point of conceivable by a normal, rational person.  


That's a long-winded way of saying I'm insane.  :) 


What I'd like to talk about it inspiring people.  I Forget sometimes that LA is an ocean of BS, so that when some truly good people pop in, it throws me for a loop.  I get so sick of people talking about "the hustle"... "I'm just workin on dis hustle man, tryna get by, you know how it is doe".  Ugh.  Listen, every town charges rent.  People in Wazoo, Alabama are "Hustlin'" just as much.  It's so egocentric sometimes.  I don't dream of having a one bedroom apartment someday.... in the same regard, I'm not so money hungry that I'm willing to forego my dreams to settle on something I don't love to do.  At that point, I'd rather be comfortable and work at In N Out Burger instead of be a marketing major as a faceless employee pushing for things that ultimately don't matter.  Enter inspiring peopl who have really turned around my month.  


As for my projects- first and foremost is going to be recording.  I have been working on scales and soloing, which has been my kryptonite for those that know me well.  So I have my guitars out and always handy and I've bought the necessary cables to make use of my Mesa Boogie cab clone.  Maybe the ultimate inspiration for songs like, "Getting Lost" are gone... but they are still songs.  They were inspired by others, and previously I've let their importance die.  That's been my mistake.  Someone has told me my songs should be heard... that I matter.  That these little stories and tunes are worth it, even if the common person doesn't get every single line... it's what makes it my style.  I'm learning to be proud of the things that make me unique, instead of hide or try to be like the next cardboard cutout in LA.  I've never made it anywhere trying to be a better version of someone else.  My biggest hope is to own up to who I am and feel comfortable with sharing it.  


That comes hand and hand with confidence.  To me, confidence has come hand in hand with being healthy/feeling loved.  And feeling loved has always come hand in hand with taking a big risk and putting my heart out there for someone else.  For once, it feels right in ways it hasn't before.  And it's not lacking autonomy to pursue love.  I got here and everything I'm proud of all during the pursuit of happiness and true love.  Not because of the chase, not because of the needing another... I know I'll always be okay with or without someone.  But I don't want mediocre.  I don't want to be "okay".  I want the stuff that the modern, jaded, shallow LA person may call impossible.  


To me, it's all different shades of Love... and making people laugh, sharing music, traveling, helping those in need, and filling my heart- that's Always been my life-long dream.  


I'll tell you how close I'm getting in a month :) 

APRIL (...O'Neil!) '16 

I hardly know where to begin?... So you guys have some updates from the regular Blog entries I've been trying to do with day-to-day activities/progress (scroll down on mobile devices to see this or check out the Napkin Notes link in the menu!).  The Monthly Check-in is big picture stuff/updates.  So.. here it goes!  


I want to start by saying I cannot even tell you how different life is since the March update.  I was sitting in a coffee shop called Tiago in LA, enjoying dinner and a drink with the inspiration for "Getting Lost" and "Recipe".  Now I find myself at Starbucks in Wallingford, CT... writing alone on a Saturday night in early April.  Tomorrow is my birthday party my family is throwing for me- and it's going to SNOW!  OMG!  I was sooo bummed when my November and December trips had NO snow... it would figure to get it gifted on a day that will involve people traveling from other states lol.  Also, tomorrow is opening day for the New York Mets!  I can't believe it's back again... very excited.  I was at McSorely's bar for the annual pilgramage with the guys and happened to run into Steve and his parents there- which was icing on the cake.  As far as how I'm feeling emotionally?  I'm okay.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad... I was very happy over the last few months and this hasn't been making much sense to me.  However, with the help of Tino, Tomas, and Chris- I have been pouring all of that into my site.  Last night, Chris and myself played at "Perk on Main" in Durham, CT- marking the first live show by one of my band projects, The DryKnuckle BedHeads.  We played a few tunes with great reception... You can look for a live version of, "Playing with Fire" in the music section and a version of "Everyday Escape", an AMAZING Chris song that he wrote about me moving to California.  It's from the acoustic album, "Unfreezing the Frame", which has Always worked as a form of therapy to me to listen to.  


It felt so good to play and sing live again.  I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to, based on reaction from those we knew and those we just met in the crowd. I'm looking forward to seeing what I get for my birthday and I'm hoping to use the second week of my trip here in CT to enjoy isolation in the studio.  I NEED to finish at least one song and lay the groundwork down of others I can finish up back in LA.  


I pranked everyone in what was probably my second best April Fool's of all time... the best part is, I have something even better for next year!  :)  I have been told I'm the Andy Kaufman of my generation... and that is exactly what I'd like to be!  (Okay... maybe SLIGHTLY less crazy).  As for going back to LA?  I'm both looking forward to it and fearing it.  Last time I felt like I was going home, just because there was a person whose arms were waiting for me there.  This time around?  It sort of feels like I'm going back for the first time.  I'm very excited to be finally taking myself seriously and trying to be less shy about sharing what it is I do.... I think that's the biggest hurdle and goal for the month for me.  


Don't be afraid of being 100% you.  


So, I'll talk to you soon... when I'm 30 and not a day over 16 as far as maturity goes.  Forever a dreamer and a believer... the most hopeful hopeless romantic you're bound to meet.  Light and love... ~mdf 

MARCH (...Forward!) '16 

Happy Spring Time!  Though Southern Cali life has slightly robbed me of the joy that is the first hints of spring following a long winter, I still feel the excitement for friends/family back home and it invigorates me!  I have been working on a few new tracks and a few old ones lately, largely thanks to the opening of Dunkin Donuts on Hollywood/Vine.  Today, for instance, my job called me bright and early and told me they didn't need me.  I read some garbage news (politics have become so depressing... can't we re-elect BO again??) and packed my stuff to sit in the sun and work on mixing and some bass lines.  Currently, "Freezing Time" and "Getting Lost" are my top two tracks being worked on.  "Freezing Time" is a very personalized song with a very generalized/updated sound.  I feel it crosses many genres and I'm hoping it'll be well-received for those who love oldies/harmonies and those that love catchy/computerized effects.  It's a very ambitious piece but it's been a lot of fun to revisit.  More than photos, souvenirs, or even smells, songs have a way of taking me right back to the moment they came to me... they moments of life they captured.  They are my living journal.  Ironically enough contrary to the chorus and ironically enough, they are my way of freezing time.  "Getting Lost" is an odd song... I will say that!  It's an empathy piece of sorts in that it came to me as if I lived a day-in-the-life of someone very special to me.  They have had a history of getting lost and getting yelled at for it... where as getting lost is sort of my forte.  Hell, most of the time, it's my goal!  So it's a pretty specific song, as many of mine are, but the music and story-telling will hopefully paint a scene that will make anyone smile and imagine themselves or "that friend" that it totally reminds them of.  Life is but a journey... you can spend every moment trying to walk a straight line... and maybe that's the most efficient way of accomplishing goals.  But in my experience, some of the best things I've stumbled upon were accidents... the best roads are the back roads...the wrong turns.  The wild flowers you find are always worth stopping and smelling... open your eyes and see the beauty that is getting lost. 


Another thing on my mind?  I am turning 30 in April!  One month exactly!  While this might make others cowl, I am very much looking forward to it as a new beginning.  I didn't just get through or survive my 20s... I squeezed the life out of them.  Guess what?  That doesn't stop because the calendar flips another page.  In fact, it's time to turn it up to 11, as they say.  I was challenged to make a list of "30 things to do while I'm 30"... inspired by this person's 30 things to do before 30 list that was a real game-changer for me.  So that is something I will be working on and I look forward to sharing with you all- in words, posts, and the art I hope to share with you.  Thanks, as always, for taking the time to visit and read my thoughts... I'm inspired by God, I create for myself... but I share because of you.  Thank you for giving me that gift... Love has always been my driving force, and I appreciate your time and interest.  It makes me feel beyond blessed.  Love and inspiration~mdf


Okay so 2016 starting with a crash!...and then, like a early 2000s boy-band pop-song, that crash went backwards and the song/year came to a halt.  But that halt always comes before a catchy chorus, so let's put February, riddled with work and lack of sleep, behind us.  Onto the catchy chorus that is March, the last year of my 20's.    ~mdf


JAN (sry, no Dean) '16 

Happy new year everyone!  This year is going to be a big year for the fans of Mike Fusco.  With tons of new songs written and only about 250 left to record (is that all?)... 2016 is going to be a year of action, inspiration, and fun.  I welcome you to my site and appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to snoop around.  If you're here because your life is not so busy...well... I'm still happy you found yourself here.  Hopefully intentionally ;)  Having nothing but reality TV under my belt in Hollywood, I'm going to be joining Central Casting in February and hope that gets more creative-based opportunities in tv/webseries/film.  As for music, I am always working on tunes but this year, my goal is to record a full album at Capitol Records.  You can check back for videos and pics of local shows or songs I'm working on.  I'll be adding my full lyric book for my entire catalogue of songs and updating my photo gallery with stuff from my recording studio and trip moving to LA from CT.  Thanks again and wishing you love and inspiration in 2016!  ~mdf




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