Stuffing Our Birds and Bags

Doomsday 2016 has hit! Actually, no i tend to think that was election day haha. But this Thanksgiving trip back has been nothing short of magical. Right when I walked out of the airport in NYC, it started snowing. My parents picked me up with Jonny and we got a great lunch. We went home and finished putting up our best light show EVER this year while the snow was falling! It was just like a movie. We have had an incredible feast, Cali surprised my family with a bakery delivery of chocolate lemon pies and a cookie tray that was awesome.. our black friday shopping was great and I've been able to see a lot of people. I have been planning my 2017 with Chris here at Starbucks and Im so ex

Turkeys CAN Fly

Did I say sun in my last post?? LA ended up POURING Sunday afternoon and night- but it was just right 😊❤️ two delayed flights but I write you now with some picks of Sunday and my travels- happy Monday morning, Big Apple!


No, I didn't win the lottery and buy the new, orange Jaguar convertible I've been dreaming of lol but I did attend the 2016 LA Auto Show... it's become somewhat of a tradition since Tomas and I first ventured downtown on the metro to find our way there. There's a classic picture somewhere on my Facebook page- should you find boredom or curiosity strikes you, check out lol. Just scrambling together for a mini Turkey Day with my girlfriend's older brother today and begin the Christmas planning! Well... I have been planning for awhile now... but it's all about pre-planning and proper execution! I've had a 93 hour pay-period over the last two weeks at work and while

Mocha Your Destiny 

Sometimes life throws you curveballs, and the easy and "human" reaction is to run, hide, and give up. But life and our future isn't about what's given to us or what is thrust upon us... life is about how we react to it. For me, a prime example is my car blowing up in Grovetown, Georgia.  I hadn't even left the east coast yet. A week on the road. A job I loved. Family I love. A studio I love. All that was gonna take me to California was a crazy notion and a legend lime green car. When that blew up, i wanted to explode myself. I wanted to run. I wanted to give up. But, i stopped and said "no, I'm going to determine my path, even if I have to go through hell!"  I gave myself ten seconds to have

Getting Found

Remember remember!.... the 5th of.... how does the rest of that go? Lol so for all two of you out there that regularly check the site, WELCOME BACK! It's nice to be back online after switching servers to Google Domains. Now I need to work hardcore to catch up on editing and uploading content. Been recovering from the never ending cold of the fall, but I've gotten back into the walk to work habit, which certainly helps with my energy level again like old times. Speaking of old times, upon searching gigs online, I came across some hysterical e-mails I've sent out to any and all music or acting jobs (well... not ALL), and also some responses I've gotten back from Craigslist. One in particu

Recent Posts

Live at the Covina Farmer's Market in Covina, CA, I gave a two+ hour chilling performance for shoppers, crafters, and cookers alike.  Of course, the chilling was more due to Mother Nature (around 50 degrees the whole outdoor, night time set!), but I'd be willing to wager some goosebumps were provided by my awesomeness.  And I had to be awesome... I promised I'd rock like it's the end of the world. 


My first real concert, played at the world famous Whisky A Go Go in the heart of Hollywood.  I rocked an acoustic 45 minute set, playing songs old and new, with percussion help from those in the crowd who cheered on


The final nail is hammered into place by my father, completing a 2+ year effort to finish my home recording studio.  Located in the woods of beautiful Wallingford, CT (my home town!), it rests dormant until I get back to record.  I have just left my home of 26 years to pursue an unplanned adventure across th country, making good on a self-promise to someday move to California.  Shed Zeppelin (Also named Studio Fifty-Fusc, flatFLAT, Wallywood, Feel-Like-Makin-Loft Studios, and Bowl of Studi'Os) was completed the very day I left...Breaking my streak of never finishing anything.  It still remains my absolute favorite place on the planet.  

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