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Stuffing Our Birds and Bags

Doomsday 2016 has hit! Actually, no i tend to think that was election day haha. But this Thanksgiving trip back has been nothing short of magical. Right when I walked out of the airport in NYC, it started snowing. My parents picked me up with Jonny and we got a great lunch. We went home and finished putting up our best light show EVER this year while the snow was falling! It was just like a movie. We have had an incredible feast, Cali surprised my family with a bakery delivery of chocolate lemon pies and a cookie tray that was awesome.. our black friday shopping was great and I've been able to see a lot of people. I have been planning my 2017 with Chris here at Starbucks and Im so excited about the creative projects and ideas I have to push forward.

Gotta run, Big Johns birthday today. Happiest Black Friday, ya'll! MERRY CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!

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