Saloon-y Bin...

Happy Friday! Quick post, much to do today. But I wanna touch on some site updates. The FULL lyric collection is up online under the "Lyrics" tab... who woulda thought to look there, right? hahah. So I was FINALLY able to make the site's PDF viewer work. In the future, I'll probably try and break it down by letters to make it easier to find your favorite "Future Classics". For those who are fans of the written word, I invite you to look through some lines and and use your imagination to paint a picture of how each one came to be. Every line is loaded, no throw-aways. There's a story for everything, and like the old saying went coined by my friend Rachael, "For every situation in lif

Hold Onto That Feeling...

Hey everyone! That's a little "Journey" quote for you... looking at "street signs"...thinking of "people".... it's reminded me to never "stop believing". Soon last night?... maybe not as much as I wanted to do, but I played Cali every single old recording from my old, "Future Classics" CDs in the car. Bless her for that kinda patience and support... It made me smile at all I have been through and to hear how important the message of those songs were, even long after the people that inspired them are gone. I was capable of so much, and I heard those old songs and I loved it... I loved it because I never got lessons. I never was taught how to write songs or what to say. I still have song

That Old Ghost Town...

Wow.... I had a sick day Monday... (it was an I'm Sick...of working... day!) and me and Miss California herself did it ALL. It was so much fun and, most importantly, it was so envigorating to get out of the claustrophobia-inducing city. It was the great Dennis Wilson that said, "You could only see about a block or two in LA, that's the truth... looking for some country life- to kick in room on my city life..." In this case, we were looking for some desert life! It's safe to assume I've had the song "Barstow" stuck in my head the whole day. It was pretty perfect- arriving right before they closed and given free admission... took amazing pictures and got to stop at Dunkin Donuts. Drove ou

Pain in the Ash

Happy Sun-Day, folks! Yesterday looked like armageddon... And i'll start by saying Armageddon frustrated with web builders! haha. Between the formatting of this site and a 1and1 page I'm working on for Ms Cali, the computer is just beating me down. But today/this weekend has been productive with bills and creative endeavors. I've spent the post-Mets-game day playing guitar, busting out some oldies and newbies in my room. I played "Barstow", "Words", "Already Feel Better Seeing You", and, "Don't Drift Away". I had a summer day trip planned for awhile that I'm going to revisit tomorrow. For no real explicable reason, this one part of California was very inspiring to me. I had no job,


Wasabi, mf'ers?! (that's mike fusco'ers) haha. Soooooo today I spent paying bills and more bills, which has left me realizing I will be filling my next two weeks until payday in with free stuff. What's free, you ask? Why adding content to the site, of course! So a few quick notes: 1. Changed the mobile phone formatting so that if you view on phone/ipad, the Napkin Notes (blog posts) come up first, with the monthly check-ins after. Something I've been meaning to do for awhile. 2. I changed the "Music Gear tab to just "Gear"... that's for a few reasons... Redundancey of the word "music" in the menu looks aesthetically awful, I use gear that's not just for music (camera, bags, etc), a

Baseball and Bass (breaking my) balls

Ahoy, hoy! The summer heat has finally melted away from the day and I find myself poking away on my mobile studio pictured here. I'm at Glendale, California's Dunkin Donuts just chilling and working on some piano and bass for the song, "California". Spent today with a late, big breakfast... listened to the Mets game straight through (great win by the mets and deGrom!), worked on music, hike to the Observatory later, and Sunday night late movies... keeping with tradition. You could call this a lazy Sunday... I call it A Vintage Mike day. and vintage never goes out of style :) hit ya up soon... hoping to start making myself work at least 1-2 hours a day on music, acting, and website stuff

Unfreezing the Frame...

Quick update... In the Music Section of my site, I added an entry to The DryKnuckle BedHeads spot. This features a video of us playing Chris' song live at his wedding and description/list of gear used. Working on replacing the photo albums on the site and I need to get more videos on here soon with my GoPro. Enjoy! ~mdf

Patients and Patience...

Hello Hello! Nurse Mike up in the hizhou. Today I've spent my lunch break exploring the depths of my phone, specifically the voice recorder, for some of the most dynamic moments of my life captured on audio tape. The result? Stumbling on a new song I forgot I had written from March 2015.... Finding a full version of "Barstow", and being reinvigorated by the suite of songs that came to me the winter of 2014. I had a minor epiphany today... while in one of the offices of a doctor I work for and the same stupid song comes on the radio AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.... it dawned on me that I'm no different than these others. It's so easy to be put down by strangers or inhibitions. I feel like

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Live at the Covina Farmer's Market in Covina, CA, I gave a two+ hour chilling performance for shoppers, crafters, and cookers alike.  Of course, the chilling was more due to Mother Nature (around 50 degrees the whole outdoor, night time set!), but I'd be willing to wager some goosebumps were provided by my awesomeness.  And I had to be awesome... I promised I'd rock like it's the end of the world. 


My first real concert, played at the world famous Whisky A Go Go in the heart of Hollywood.  I rocked an acoustic 45 minute set, playing songs old and new, with percussion help from those in the crowd who cheered on


The final nail is hammered into place by my father, completing a 2+ year effort to finish my home recording studio.  Located in the woods of beautiful Wallingford, CT (my home town!), it rests dormant until I get back to record.  I have just left my home of 26 years to pursue an unplanned adventure across th country, making good on a self-promise to someday move to California.  Shed Zeppelin (Also named Studio Fifty-Fusc, flatFLAT, Wallywood, Feel-Like-Makin-Loft Studios, and Bowl of Studi'Os) was completed the very day I left...Breaking my streak of never finishing anything.  It still remains my absolute favorite place on the planet.  

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