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That Old Ghost Town...

Wow.... I had a sick day Monday... (it was an I'm Sick...of working... day!) and me and Miss California herself did it ALL. It was so much fun and, most importantly, it was so envigorating to get out of the claustrophobia-inducing city. It was the great Dennis Wilson that said, "You could only see about a block or two in LA, that's the truth... looking for some country life- to kick in room on my city life..." In this case, we were looking for some desert life!

It's safe to assume I've had the song "Barstow" stuck in my head the whole day. It was pretty perfect- arriving right before they closed and given free admission... took amazing pictures and got to stop at Dunkin Donuts. Drove out of that parking lot in the convertible (top up though... it was 112 degrees!. i still woulda done it haha)... blasted "Ghost Town" from the Masters of the Universe original album... it was just was I needed.

Upon arriving to the Barstow station, the Union Pacific train was just pulling up. I ran to the fence and juggling my phone, trying to hurredly open the voice recorder app in time. I always heard in my head that sound leading in and out of the song, "Barstow"... so the timing was absolutely perfect- I rushed and I got some gold! well... not actual gold.

Today I had a patient who was very young, 22, come in and be newly diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. It made something click in my mind. So... I made a new regimen for myself, and I'm hoping to stick to it. I NEED to exercise, eat better, and sleep more (except when Im up having lightning strikes of creative madness/genius, lol). So... that's my goal and it's started today. Going hiking so I don't have lots of time, but I can't wait to share more music. Once upon a time, during some of my months/years of the biggest self-advancement, I had a very simple mantra. "Ehh... F it." Before everything I did, but especially when it came to my tendency to be too shy to share my music or jokes. Im 30. And like the awesome Elvis we rocked out to yesterday in our mini road trip... "It'sssss nowwwww or neverrrrrr...

Tomorrow will be too late!..." :)

okay... maybe scratch that "sleep more" goal. maybe I'm being a little overzealous ;) Thank you Cali for the photos here! Always find a way to capture moments

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