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Quick Update:

Added a music track that was a collaborative recording with my extremely talented friend TNO (The Nice One). Recently, we dug out the audio from his amazing song "Never Never" from my old MacBook. We had a full-version somewhere but it has since been lost to time. TNO had this fully recorded and while listening back at the old crib, I happened to have my acoustic guitar on me. I figured out the chords and just strummed along for fun. TNO graciously added my acoustic guitar (and some acoustic with distortion added). It was an honor to be on one of his tunes! So, hope you get a chance to listen to it on the music tab (I know you will enjoy the ridiculous intro we put on the beginning... it is actually pretty epic and hysterical! it gets you amped up fo sho!).

Please check out TNO's links here, too!


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