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So it Begins...

On the 18th day of February 2019, Chris and I began the official sessions of our first DryKnuckle BedHeads album!  Here’s the session notes from the quick evening meeting: 

Coffee, track selection, studio equipment prep

Solidified “Nobody Revisited” (live arrangement) 

  • Finished lyrics to “Call the Bus”

  • Lyrical edits to “Patches” and “Relationship Harbor”

  • Practiced “Lose it! ...Or Use It” 

Big, full day planned for tomorrow. Very excited to pick up on 2019 where 2018 left off... with some serious studio work!  The clean cold air and silent snow was the perfect backdrop to Shed Zeppelin this evening, while the cozy loft kept the music flowing with a warm energy. So happy to be home and a little nervous to begin this big undertaking!  Check back tmrw for more updates!  

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