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A Special Day...

Hello and long time, everyone!  

It's been a LONG time, but if any day will make me dust off the silent stroke keyboard of my MacBook Pro, it'll be September 4th.  Why this date, you may ask?  Because 8 years ago today I took a big leap of faith in myself... in the universe... in God... and, most of all, in sheer sense of adventure.  

My dad and I finished nailing up the last baseboard trim in the studio, which I had finished burning artists who've inspired me finally the night before.  I Remember him saying, "I think I should get to nail up the last board since I've helped you so much with it."  I remember earlier in the week eating a lousy breakfast sandwich at Captain Seas with my mom, who would say, "I just don't understand... how do you think you're going to move there?"  An understandable point of worry and love from a mother of a son who was 26 and never lived alone, left home, or even did laundry (which I'd later find out really DOES turn pink when you mix colors, just like on cartoons!).  I remember hastily grabbing whatever I needed, hurriedly throwing it in the Fustang, which was cleaner than ever... and driving down Highland Avenue... my home street for my whole life (and it STILL is... and will ALWAYS be).  I remember going around that big turn past my elementary school and crying my eyes out, trying to drown my tears in the song, "Born to Run"... thinking, "When will I drive past this turn again?  Will I ever?  Am I brave enough to turn left and keep going?".... not returning a little later in the day in the opposite direction.  I remember Bruce Springsteen screaming out words I've felt so deeply to my core, but only finally living them now for the first time... scared as hell.  I had to convince myself every day, every hour, and sometimes every minute... "Just keep going, Mike.... one more mile.  You can do it."  

Without getting too nostalgic and retelling the whole tale, I want to bring you up to speed on today, September 4 2020.  What should have been kicking off the 4 week countdown to our wedding, instead, we find ourselves amidst a pandemic and the unsteady hand (and mind) at the helm of our country by the worst president in the history of our country.  Not only did Cali's parents BOTH get coronavirus (thankfully they recovered), but Cali lost her job and we had to postpone our big CT Wedding... and then again our CA wedding.  It's been a year of battling.  But we're here, we're healthy, and we're gaining strength we didn't know we had.  I find I'm talking to myself much in the same way I did 8 years ago, only today, miles are days, and I'm convincing myself, no matter how tough, "One more, just one more".  

But, I'd like to focus on the good things of September 4th.  As I mentioned, it was the day my journey began, and brought me to where I am today.  And rather than focus on all the things I wish could be better, I have that day to thank for my few concerts in Los Angeles, my few TV Appearances in Hollywood, my run-ins with stars, my amazing trips, and the love of my life bearing the name of my adventure itself, California... It ALL happened because of 9/4/12.  What else happened on this day?  DUNKIN DONUTS FIRST OPENED IN Santa Monica!  I took the 704 bus an hour and a half to get there (when the Fustang wasn't cooperating).  Another year on September 4th?  We camped at Joshua Tree National Park, my first time camping (and we loved it!).  Another year?  I was home in CT and rode my bike to Bishops Orchards to pick apples and get some Apple Cider Cinnamon donuts!  Another year on 9/4?  We climbed Angel's Landing in Zion National Park in Utah!  

This day has had special meaning to me... it's been a day where I had to dig deep into my deepest strengths and desires to pull out something noteworthy.  Today, I had a tough day at work, and we did laundry before our long-weekend away in San Diego.  It's nearly 3am... but I couldn't sleep, because that's not what Mike Fusco would do.  I HAD to do something worthwhile on this day...

So I dusted off my passwords and plugs and got into my website to restart what I came here for.  Making music that can maybe change the world or capture the moments that have changed mine.  And write to you, whoever may have taken the time to read this.  Thank you for stopping by.  We will get through all of the things we are battling, and remember... the only boss you have to answer to is Bruce Springsteen. 

Happy September 4th... 

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