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Summer 19 Updates

So, besides all the engagement excitement, I did a little site update. I changed the navigation menu to be less oblong lol. I added animation to the menu, Simpsons Mike, and each page's icon when viewed on a mobile device. I uploaded the "In Search of California" video to the main page for now, and will move it to videos and acting sections on my site.

In June 2019, "The Nowhere Men" played a full set of Beatles covers for a surprise birthday party. Jim Fusco, Steve M, Matt M, Michael J Fusco, and myself rocked for over 2 hours. Video and pics to come soon!

In August, Chris and myself will FINALLY get to resume work on our debut album, "McCall Heracles- Are You Human?" after a hiatus working on the other projects. We lost Steve's grandpa this summer, and I'm hoping to finally record, "My Sweetheart" in honor of him. It is the song about his whirlwind love with his wife of 50 years.

My new equipment will definitely go to good use for our album and for more content I hope to make for the page. That's all for now. thank you for stopping by and I'll be back to detail more updates as they come!

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