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Long Time, No B!

Heyyyy yo! You know it's been way too long when your last post is discussing the White Christmas of 2017, and you're about to travel to 90 degree CT summer in two days! Ugh. How could I be so lazy? Lol well thank you for those who are back. I can't even process this year so far. It's felt like nothing worthwhile has happened, but then I stop and think, and SOO much awesomeness has happened. While I promised myself I'd only Blog when something worthwhile was posted, I figured a check-in with my fan(s) was overdue.

We've lost some big names already this year. Two that hit close to home were Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Both happened to play a decent role in me and Cali's lives, so it was definitely quite a shock and lingering sadness. However, some highlights have happened! We had a road trip to San Diego to see Hamilton. We had a road trip to Salinas, CA to see Impact Wrestling, and got to meet a ton of our favorite wrestlers! We did an epic CT birthday trip, where we got to play in the snow, the sun, an early grad party, and got to go to both casinos! We did a road trip to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and the Hoover Dam- the trip was SOO much fun. It also included surprising my brother at Caesar's Palace and nearly giving him a heart attack! Best birthday gift, ever! (The surprise, not the potential heart attack!). We also took a trip to Pachenga casino on Memorial Day and celebrated our two year anniversary of dating! If all of that wasn't enough, Cali graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Communications at Cal State LA... we had a great meal out with her family, and we ended up on TV with her friend to do CarpPool Karaoke with The Muppets and Jason Sudekis! Annnddd.... THE MOODY BLUES GOT IN THE ROCK HALL OF FAME! How did we celebrate? The Fusco boys took a road trip to treat my dad for Father's Day to Cleveland to see the Rock Hall! So... it's been a pretty incredible year. What's left? Oh just about a MILLION other things!

I also was able to have a decently featured, on-camera role in a friend of a friends You Tube series filming. I will definitely be posting the videos of that and CarPool Karaoke to come when they are released!

So... I guess this was my long-winded way of saying Nothing's Been up... and yet Everything is going on!

Last night, I spent a good two hours listening to my partially finished songs and have been dying to just finish and release them- if anything, just to get the ball rolling. So you can look forward to that in the new Music section where you could stream the songs, download the oldies for free, and buy some new tunes to support your favorite indie entertainer. I hope wherever you're reading this, you are well.. You feel loved and important... creative and wanted... missed and excited about what's to come. Do I always have those feelings? No. But it's important to tell the ones you love that you love them, miss them, and if there's nothing exciting coming around the bend, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Plan it! Or go do it right now! Drink every iced coffee, enjoy every sandwich, and remember, it's better to get sun-burnt than be afraid of the sun. Forget our idiot president and Go out and live a little :)

As for the pic- this was a highlight from Nurse's Week 2018... My cousin Sarah drew this card for me, and it was one of my favorite things I've ever gotten. I feel like I'm stuck on a stationary bike sometimes... but my cousin depicted me dressed as a nurse, wielding a guitar, and flying. Whenever I feel down, I stop and look at that and think, "How cool am I?" hahaha. Bye and talk soon!

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