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Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! This weekend has always meant a lot to me in the way of sense of adventure... and just when 2020 tried to stop everything, I think Cali and I fought back with 2 weekends of adventure in a row, including a new MUSTANG! We kicked off our weekend by stopping to check out this convertible that’s now mine.... and I can’t believe it still. I want to say goodbye to the Nursedes... we had some amazing weekends together but I got you during a tumultuous part of life. However, you got me through it with style and class, and I loved every second driving you. All the weekends chasing the sun for one last minute of weekend freedom have meant so much, and I couldnt be happier with your preservation forever in the Proposal Movie “In Search of California“...

This weekend ALMOST felt normal, minus the masks and wildfires. We went to San Diego and broke-in the new car the right way. We swam, ate, drank, shopped, and kayak‘ed on an absolutely incredible weekend. It was tough coming back!... San Diego has yet to disappoint us.

I want to talk music, namely not my own. My brother Jim has released some incredible songs lately, and you should check them out at “nothing but time” will become an instant favorite.

as for chris, my DryKnuckle BedHeads partner a crime, He has been writing and recording at an amazing level. he shared all the songs on our Jamdemic project (more to come!) and they’re mini works of art. Check him out at

time For bed, back to work to pay for this new ride :)


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