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When did I last post on here?? Hahah HI EVERYONE!  And HAPPY NEW YEAR!  So while I fell short of releasing BOTH new Christmas songs by Christmas 2018, Chris and I did manage to release the perfect “Christmas from Now On” in time to be the song of the season!  Also, on January 1st 2019, I released “Angel on My Tree” and is available for free streaming or purchase download!  Is it perfect?  No. I think in November of This year I’ll revisit two or three bits of fine tuning (lead vocal that I recorded while sick, piano during breakdown part of song, and some guitar/drum interludes I want to adjust).  But, for now, it’s there to enjoy for those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to the most wonderful time of the year yet (myself and Cali included!). So I want to focus on the positives of 2018.  Travel, recording two songs, writing a few new by myself and with Chris, solidifying our tracklist for our album we will begin recording in February, having the best Christmas ever loaded with surprises, and FINALLY miking, mixing, and utilizing everything in the studio. I have my PreSonus rack-mount pre-amp for guitar/bass in. I have my single external tube pre-amp for the overhead condenser. I have the Multitrack with the acoustic drums all miked and panned... I have the fender amp with amp Mic wired; I have EVERYTHING going into the tascam usb multitrack interface... and I have a brand new Array PA system for live jamming. The studio is set up, functional, and a few extended wires from being beautiful... although, we have some plans to move things around up there. Pics to come... we’ll see!  All in all, it was a good year full of family, travel adventures, fun, and minor triumphs. 

This weekend I’m going to behind working on some “old” tunes that I never recorded... I think First on the list is “Going Somewhere” from 2013.  It has a line about New Year’s Eve that nudges me in that direction.  

Stay tuned and take a listen to “Angel on My Tree”, hope you enjoy! -Mdf

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