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Hello from my hometown!!  Actually, I'm somewhere between the serene little town of Madison, CT and the picturesque town I call home, Wallingford, CT! How is this possible? My site builder has added a mobile app feature and this will make my life and blogging much easier!  Also my new phone arrived erroneously to the east coast today, but it worked out so hopefully I can have that up and running soon. I'm having an amazing trip with my family thus far!  As always, it's flying by. But, I'm hoping the last 5 nights will afford me some time in the studio recording to the wee hours of the morning. I love the chilly air, changing leaves, and star filled skies. I miss Cali warmth, both the person

Wiped out (and wiper'ed out)...

What a week. Third week in a row I have an illness. First strep, then bad cold/cough/flu, now a lingering stomach bug. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... lol and as if all that weren't enough, someone stole my WINDSHIELD WIPERS!! And then I get a parking ticket, not for an expired meter, but because I parked slightly over the lines due to the car next to me having their drivers door open too long while I was waiting to pull in. Any who... on to some stuff that actually matters lol. Preordered the new iPhone 7, which I'm hoping will allow me to add a lot of content in much easier fashion. Even if I just add it to YouTube and put embedded links here, it's better than no media at a

Four Score and... 4 Years Ago...

Exactly four years ago, September 4th 2012, I stayed up super late, woke up super late, packed The Fustang last minute, and proceeded to drive out of my driveway, down highland avenue, and on to an adventure. I got to the big bend in the road, one where a tree used to be by my elementary school, and I realized I wouldn't be driving around that bend every night... and I started crying. Hysterically. I was not only going on a month long, unplanned adventure alone, I was not only moving west, I was moving out.... after 26 years of living with my amazing parents that I love, miss, and talk to daily. But just like that fateful day and the 30 that followed, I had to dig down deep in my gut...


Oh Lord it's SEPTEMBER?!?! My goodness. Well... this will be a quick post. Not a lot new at the moment as I've been wiped out with a flu-like illness over the last week. I've been coughing tons and don't have much of a voice at the moment... so that's why I'm here typing! Spent the last hour doing some general track mixing and slight embellishments for bass drum. Nothing too exciting. These songs are just waiting for a vocal and background vocals- but there never seems to be enough time. I have been pretty frustrated lately because I just don't know how to move forward. I feel like a caged animal creatively. I have so much in my brain 24/7 that's playing- songs on top of songs on to

Recent Posts

Live at the Covina Farmer's Market in Covina, CA, I gave a two+ hour chilling performance for shoppers, crafters, and cookers alike.  Of course, the chilling was more due to Mother Nature (around 50 degrees the whole outdoor, night time set!), but I'd be willing to wager some goosebumps were provided by my awesomeness.  And I had to be awesome... I promised I'd rock like it's the end of the world. 


My first real concert, played at the world famous Whisky A Go Go in the heart of Hollywood.  I rocked an acoustic 45 minute set, playing songs old and new, with percussion help from those in the crowd who cheered on


The final nail is hammered into place by my father, completing a 2+ year effort to finish my home recording studio.  Located in the woods of beautiful Wallingford, CT (my home town!), it rests dormant until I get back to record.  I have just left my home of 26 years to pursue an unplanned adventure across th country, making good on a self-promise to someday move to California.  Shed Zeppelin (Also named Studio Fifty-Fusc, flatFLAT, Wallywood, Feel-Like-Makin-Loft Studios, and Bowl of Studi'Os) was completed the very day I left...Breaking my streak of never finishing anything.  It still remains my absolute favorite place on the planet.  

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