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Wiped out (and wiper'ed out)...

What a week. Third week in a row I have an illness. First strep, then bad cold/cough/flu, now a lingering stomach bug. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

lol and as if all that weren't enough, someone stole my WINDSHIELD WIPERS!! And then I get a parking ticket, not for an expired meter, but because I parked slightly over the lines due to the car next to me having their drivers door open too long while I was waiting to pull in.

Any who... on to some stuff that actually matters lol. Preordered the new iPhone 7, which I'm hoping will allow me to add a lot of content in much easier fashion. Even if I just add it to YouTube and put embedded links here, it's better than no media at all. I love the Go Pro, but it requires my phone to record on and edit with. My current phone is not up to that task. I haven't been recording much but working on random computer projects. I edited my gf's dance video, which she did an amazing job in. Just doing something like that gives me the push to say okay... I can do this very tedious task, let me get quick at it and pump out content for my site. Well, quick update today. Go see "Sully" if you get the chance... inspiring. Be the master of whatever your craft happens to be.... the universe may throw you into a situation where all that obsession and mastery turns into muscle memory, skill, and gut-reaction. Situations pop up when you least expect it... and whenever mine come, I intend to be ready :)


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