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Long Overdue Over-Do

Greetings and salutations, crazy kids out there in internet land! Since I’ve last updated, have had a few exciting changes. Let’s seeeeeee…. The wedding of the century happened! Cali and I finally got to have our dream wedding at The Branford House Mansion in Groton, CT on a perfect, warm, breezy, late summer/early autumn day. Overlooking the ocean, I was able to stand there with my best friends Steve, Alberto, Big John, Kevin, and best man/band mates Jim Fusco and Officiant Chris Moore…. Shortly after Cali came around the castle in a Cinderella carriage pulled by two white horses, (while the string quartet played, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”), I was able to surprise her with “The Vow Song”! It’s a song that literally means Everything to me, like the person it is about. It came to me in December of 2019, just before the pandemic hit. (I had to tweak the opening line from “I knew this day was coming since the moment that I met you, can’t believe it’s already here” to can’t believe it’s FINALLY here!). Jim played lead guitar (thank you to guitar-runner Becky for helping pull off this surprise!), and sang background vocals, alongside Chris, who sang and played harmonica. Steve added some rhythm by way of shaker egg :). I still can’t believe we pulled it off.

That’s the sentiment of the whole wedding… the trolley bringing everyone to the castle, the decor, the pizza truck, the fireworks show! It still hardly seems real. There has never been such an amazing day.

Since then? We haven’t been able to do much due to the never-ending pandemic (which has struck us twice now!)… no honeymoon yet. Housing markets have been unattainably bad, and so we’ve been treading water, working our asses off, and having as much fun as possible given the circumstances.

For me- fun means new guitars, which I have to share with you. It’s been nice to dig up some old music with TNO, my buddy here in LA, and with Chris back home. Hopefully Jim and I can press for a new Christmas album this year with Chris, a sequel is long overdue!

So that’s the update and theme of today. Just trying to not overdo it since I’m so overdue. It’s about getting back to my roots. I played some mike fusco classics today on guitar (the simple-chord-years-type “hits”), and it felt organic and inspiring. So, let this be an update to you all and a starting place, with hopes of content goodness to come (without making promises or lofty goals). Be kind and be well ❤️ enjoy the pics!

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