A Guy Walks Into A Bar ...stow

Yesterday, with the power of social media, I was able to relive the anniversary of getting hired at Kaiser and renting a car with the last 60 dollars to my name to drive to the first Dunkin Donuts in California- at the Barstow train station. On the way, I stopped at the ghost town Calico and had a convertible and blasted my old tune "Ghost Town", and life/California made sense finally. The night before I was literally too excited to sleep given my plans, and my heart and my vomited a song in the wee hours of the morning that, to this day, instilled me with so much adrenaline, I can't even describe it. It encapsulated everything about Home.. about how home inspired and inspires me, how much "

Sketchy on the Details

Hiii there! So....quick online update. I'm at an over-priced coffee shop, as all artist/blogger/hipsters do lol. I have spent the week running every single day and working out like crazy... which has felt really nice. I definitely feel more of my energy back again! On Friday the 13th, we saw the requisite late-nite horror movie and managed to sleep through the night without nightmares. I finished my tax returns and I didn't owe a ton like I had anticipated could happen. I have a plan to move forward in all aspects of life this year in place, and now I just need to implement it! So... onto more fun things... been spending some time applying to gigs and will be heading back to Fusco Fl

Work Observations

Hahah okay soooo that title is actual a hidden pun. I took this picture of the beautiful Observatory while at Work lol. Well good evening and a how you be, everyone?  Back home it's snowing, and I'm hot with a jealousy that could melt your driveways!  As for the west coast, finally had a decent, dry day here. It was spent shaving my castaway beard, going to the further guitar center, playing with my stuff back home, and most importantly, cruising with the top down and listening to the soothing, pop sounds of Fountains of Wayne. Haha and suddenly it's 2003 all over again! I haven't yet published January's monthly update post- why is that?  Because I've been working and saving drafts but not y

Recent Posts

Live at the Covina Farmer's Market in Covina, CA, I gave a two+ hour chilling performance for shoppers, crafters, and cookers alike.  Of course, the chilling was more due to Mother Nature (around 50 degrees the whole outdoor, night time set!), but I'd be willing to wager some goosebumps were provided by my awesomeness.  And I had to be awesome... I promised I'd rock like it's the end of the world. 


My first real concert, played at the world famous Whisky A Go Go in the heart of Hollywood.  I rocked an acoustic 45 minute set, playing songs old and new, with percussion help from those in the crowd who cheered on


The final nail is hammered into place by my father, completing a 2+ year effort to finish my home recording studio.  Located in the woods of beautiful Wallingford, CT (my home town!), it rests dormant until I get back to record.  I have just left my home of 26 years to pursue an unplanned adventure across th country, making good on a self-promise to someday move to California.  Shed Zeppelin (Also named Studio Fifty-Fusc, flatFLAT, Wallywood, Feel-Like-Makin-Loft Studios, and Bowl of Studi'Os) was completed the very day I left...Breaking my streak of never finishing anything.  It still remains my absolute favorite place on the planet.  

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