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A Guy Walks Into A Bar ...stow

Yesterday, with the power of social media, I was able to relive the anniversary of getting hired at Kaiser and renting a car with the last 60 dollars to my name to drive to the first Dunkin Donuts in California- at the Barstow train station. On the way, I stopped at the ghost town Calico and had a convertible and blasted my old tune "Ghost Town", and life/California made sense finally. The night before I was literally too excited to sleep given my plans, and my heart and my vomited a song in the wee hours of the morning that, to this day, instilled me with so much adrenaline, I can't even describe it. It encapsulated everything about Home.. about how home inspired and inspires me, how much "Guy's Night" with Chris will be a thing that goes until my last breaths... and how something as little as Dunkin or a song can time travel my soul back to a time of endless ambition. So long as I could tap that, I remember how crazy I am, and how crazy has been the main cause of all of the success I've ever had 

This weekend I'll be jamming/auditioning with a band of similar music tastes, just to get back into the swing of things. I have my target date for Central Casting and I'm back applying daily for auditions. It feels very good :) 

So just installed the Komplete Elements studio of synth and sampled instruments following the tedious and unending quest for more hard drive space lol. So I'm off to mess around with it. Love to all!  And Keep protesting!  

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