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Sketchy on the Details

Hiii there! So....quick online update. I'm at an over-priced coffee shop, as all artist/blogger/hipsters do lol. I have spent the week running every single day and working out like crazy... which has felt really nice. I definitely feel more of my energy back again! On Friday the 13th, we saw the requisite late-nite horror movie and managed to sleep through the night without nightmares. I finished my tax returns and I didn't owe a ton like I had anticipated could happen. I have a plan to move forward in all aspects of life this year in place, and now I just need to implement it! So... onto more fun things... been spending some time applying to gigs and will be heading back to Fusco Flat right now to work out and then work on some music. Got to play the Gibson Les Paul Supreme model that I own the other day... which I have renamed "Les Paul and the Supremes" lol... and plugged it into my vintage British Gibson stereo amp and playing for Cali for a few hours. Feels good today... to feel the sun... to feel the music... to feel the energy after battling a week of dreary rain every. single. day.

the drought is gone, the rain is gone... and time to live a little So Cal style now :) talk soon with updates!

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