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Work Observations

Hahah okay soooo that title is actual a hidden pun. I took this picture of the beautiful Observatory while at Work lol. Well good evening and a how you be, everyone?  Back home it's snowing, and I'm hot with a jealousy that could melt your driveways!  As for the west coast, finally had a decent, dry day here. It was spent shaving my castaway beard, going to the further guitar center, playing with my stuff back home, and most importantly, cruising with the top down and listening to the soothing, pop sounds of Fountains of Wayne. Haha and suddenly it's 2003 all over again!  

I haven't yet published January's monthly update post- why is that?  Because I've been working and saving drafts but not yet publishing them live until it's all done. I need to freshen the look a bit to kick off a new year. 

One New Years resolution I've discussed is commiting an hour a day (at least!) to working on my creative endeavors. It seems like that shouldn't be hard, but somewhere along life, the universe has made minutes briefer, hours more fleeting, days more slippery.  Life is how we spend our time and time is a runaway train

It's scary to make that leap on, but much scarier to stand back and watch it race by. That being said, I spent an hour playing my Les Paul today an absolutely zero seconds polishing it/worried about its looks (like my acoustic that is settled to willie nelson levels of iconic broken-in'ness). I have to credit Cali for asking to hear me sing and play the other day. It means a lot to hear Anyone say they wanna listen! 

So off to see where noche Sabado takes us, be back soon so keep on checking, Fuscin fanatics!  

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