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Hello from my hometown!!  Actually, I'm somewhere between the serene little town of Madison, CT and the picturesque town I call home, Wallingford, CT! How is this possible? My site builder has added a mobile app feature and this will make my life and blogging much easier!  Also my new phone arrived erroneously to the east coast today, but it worked out so hopefully I can have that up and running soon. I'm having an amazing trip with my family thus far!  As always, it's flying by. But, I'm hoping the last 5 nights will afford me some time in the studio recording to the wee hours of the morning. I love the chilly air, changing leaves, and star filled skies. I miss Cali warmth, both the person and the state!  But we've been chatting lots and planning more trips coming up to explore. (Also 5 months already, wow!).

Me and Chris went to see Brian Wilson perform "Pet Sounds" live- it was AMAZING.  Brian seems pretty good compared to years past.  Along with nearly every other beach boys hits, we got to hear some awesome deep tracks and see Al Jardine, Blondie Chaplin, and meet background band members Probyn Gregory and Nelson Bragg. A totally awesome evening of music.

Mets season is coming down to the wire... Fingers crossed!  I empathize with them... Overcoming adversity to just get back to doing what you do best.

Hope all is well, will be doing the monthly update soon and working late night Dunkin and midnight oil-burning hours... Happy autumn! :)  -mobile Mike 

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