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Pain in the Ash

Web work.  A pain in the Ash!

Happy Sun-Day, folks! Yesterday looked like armageddon... And i'll start by saying Armageddon frustrated with web builders! haha. Between the formatting of this site and a 1and1 page I'm working on for Ms Cali, the computer is just beating me down. But today/this weekend has been productive with bills and creative endeavors. I've spent the post-Mets-game day playing guitar, busting out some oldies and newbies in my room. I played "Barstow", "Words", "Already Feel Better Seeing You", and, "Don't Drift Away". I had a summer day trip planned for awhile that I'm going to revisit tomorrow. For no real explicable reason, this one part of California was very inspiring to me. I had no job, a month spent home in December, and I flew back to two job interviews (KP and UCLA hospitals). Once I got the jobs, I had 2 weeks to sit around and wait until orientation. Mind you, I had all of 78 dollars to my name at the time... lol after the month back home, I had gotten used to opening the Dunkin app on my phone. I happened to do it in California and WHOA...Lo and behold!....what is THIS??!?! Duncan Donuts in Barstow?! What the heck is Barstow?? So, I rented a car, was upgraded to a Mustang Convertible for free by the Budget rental girl that liked me, and I was on my way the next day...

The night before I was literally too excited to sleep. In the late evening/early morning hours, the song came to me. I enjoyed the trip and "Calico" the actual Ghost Town (cue song!) in the nearby desolate desert. So... tomorrow, I revisit this inspirational piece of land. I can be very, very tough on myself. Fortunately my friends, girlfriend, and mom ALWAYS lift me up. A year ago, I had no car and was so unhappy in my personal life. A year before that? I had no job, and a Fustang that needed a major repair I couldn't afford. I had no website, just a domain name for a decade... no new songs. The turning point of all of that? I can't quite pin it down. But I can tell you the excitement that filled my body to the tips of my fingers that day I opened up an application and realized a bit of home followed the Barstow train station in California. I had a new job I was ready to start and I finally got to road trip in a convertible for a day. Fast forward and suddenly I'm sitting here in 2016... at Dunkin Donuts... having driven here in my convertible I now own... typing on my website after working on some amazing music I wrote all day...

and Im just as excited today as I was that night... not too long ago :) happy Sunday!

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