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Wasabi, mf'ers?! (that's mike fusco'ers) haha. Soooooo today I spent paying bills and more bills, which has left me realizing I will be filling my next two weeks until payday in with free stuff. What's free, you ask? Why adding content to the site, of course! So a few quick notes:

1. Changed the mobile phone formatting so that if you view on phone/ipad, the Napkin Notes (blog posts) come up first, with the monthly check-ins after. Something I've been meaning to do for awhile.

2. I changed the "Music Gear tab to just "Gear"... that's for a few reasons... Redundancey of the word "music" in the menu looks aesthetically awful, I use gear that's not just for music (camera, bags, etc), and I needed to free some space on the menu bar for my next item...

3. Adding a lyrics section to my site! So, with over 200 songs comes great responsibility. A few years back while I was preparing for surgery (my body and thyroid levels being slowed to a metabolic halt in the name of my heart's safety), I spent the winter months typing away a complete collection of the lyrics of Mike Fusco in a book called "Ubiquity". It was worked on and completed as a gift to Chris Moore, the person I hold as the greatest lyric writer of this or previous generations. He also made me feel proud about my very personal, detailed, ironic, and meaningful words- enough to want to share them. The book is in desperate need for an addendum/supplementation. It covers me through 2010ish.. so there's 6 years worth of tunes not even represented.

This new feature will help you follow along when I put up more songs and hold me accountable for documenting and typing the words to the newest additions of songs. So.. I'm going to keep on drinking some coffee right now and start figuring out just how in the heck I'm going to display that on here hahah... Wish me luck and check out the updates over the next 2 weeks!

~M Deezy

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