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Saloon-y Bin...

Happy Friday! Quick post, much to do today. But I wanna touch on some site updates. The FULL lyric collection is up online under the "Lyrics" tab... who woulda thought to look there, right? hahah. So I was FINALLY able to make the site's PDF viewer work. In the future, I'll probably try and break it down by letters to make it easier to find your favorite "Future Classics". For those who are fans of the written word, I invite you to look through some lines and and use your imagination to paint a picture of how each one came to be. Every line is loaded, no throw-aways. There's a story for everything, and like the old saying went coined by my friend Rachael, "For every situation in life, there's a Mike Fusco lyric!" :)

I fixed the photo album formatting on the "Gear" section of my site, too.... went back to the previous viewer but updated the column number and formatting to make it much cleaner and more accessible.

Today I ended up with an unexpected day off. WOO HOO! Although, it's a little too hot to turn off the AC and sit and record with a live mic. Although it'd certainly be a Hot mic! (and if I worked out more, I would be, too haha). So gonna grab a quick bite and see if time allows for some keys and editing to be done at my local Dunkin.

God bless, take care, dream big, eat lots, run around and act crazy (but not Trump crazy), laugh, and love to the tips of your fingers. I will be posting more tomorrow!

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