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Hold Onto That Feeling...

Hey everyone! That's a little "Journey" quote for you... looking at "street signs"...thinking of "people".... it's reminded me to never "stop believing". Soon last night?... maybe not as much as I wanted to do, but I played Cali every single old recording from my old, "Future Classics" CDs in the car. Bless her for that kinda patience and support... It made me smile at all I have been through and to hear how important the message of those songs were, even long after the people that inspired them are gone. I was capable of so much, and I heard those old songs and I loved it... I loved it because I never got lessons. I never was taught how to write songs or what to say. I still have songs strike me like lightning in the EXACT same way- completely pure and raw/emotional/funny/romantic, full of the angst and ache of missing one, loving one, lusting for one, meeting one, and trying like hell to keep one. I heard those songs and it made me SOOO excited about my newest ones... because they are so much better musically, lyrically, and vocally/productionally... and yet, in every way, they are exactly the same.

They're every bit of me in a recording.

I woke up today full of life... more energized by the late night/lack of sleep than sleep itself would have given. Today I got a great lunch cooked and delivered, it was my Dad's birthday, it was a wrestling night, I worked out with Cali and then we got frozen yogurt. Now I'm in my room... beach boys shirt on, CNN on tv... writing a blog post to say I had a great, productive day... I feel happy and motivated.. I ate healthy and tomorrow I can't wait to keep on moving in the right direction. Life has felt like a Ghost Town many times... but it certainly doesn't feel like that at this moment before bed. :) can't wait to visit home again!... in the meantime, much to create and much to do to make everyone proud of me. Wish me luck! ~mf

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