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No, I didn't win the lottery and buy the new, orange Jaguar convertible I've been dreaming of lol but I did attend the 2016 LA Auto Show... it's become somewhat of a tradition since Tomas and I first ventured downtown on the metro to find our way there. There's a classic picture somewhere on my Facebook page- should you find boredom or curiosity strikes you, check out lol. Just scrambling together for a mini Turkey Day with my girlfriend's older brother today and begin the Christmas planning! Well... I have been planning for awhile now... but it's all about pre-planning and proper execution! I've had a 93 hour pay-period over the last two weeks at work and while I would like to say this coming vacation is going to be relaxing and sleep-filled, it's actually going to be adrenaline pumping, cold-weather-fighting, deal-scrambling adventure. I think it will truly hit me when I put my iPod headphones on and sit back and listen to the WCJM radio show.

My first time visiting home after moving here- I'd been on the road for a month and away for three. I ordered this ridiculous Super Shuttle to bring me to the airport from late at night tel the wee hours of the morning. It was cold and rainy, and I was so excited I was going to pop!!! I sat in that van, second row, driver's side of the car with my bag on my lap and listening to me and Jim and Chris's first Christmas radio show from WCJM. I can't describe to you how much I'm instantly taken back to that moment... how excited I get. How I miss home but in a way the trips and anticipation and adventure is way more exciting than the slow burnout of winter, sleeping away the cold, grey season and just waiting for the special day or two to come. Now it's a hurricane. My first Christmas back, it snowed a little bit when I was flying out my last day of my Thanksgiving trip, and the prospect of my Christmas trip was so unreal. And then, for what seems like the first time in my life, that year in 2012, it snowed on Christmas Eve late at night to help propel Santa and that magical sleigh throughout the world. We woke up on Christmas morning to a true winter wonderland. I have tears welling in my eyes as I write this. I remember a Facebook post saying, "It was perfect. It even snowed on Christmas. But that's just sort of the way 2012 has gone". It's one of the favorite memories of my entire life, so if I repeat it a lot, you could understand.

Also, tonight I'll be flying in to Chicago first! That overnight flight and seeing that bright red-orange sun.... finding the dunking donuts in the curved hall between the terminals... the dazzling, colored neon lights dancing along the ceiling... home just one last puddle jump away. It's such an exciting feeling! Someday I'll be an RN and I'll be able to take off a month at a time and I'll spend them enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas in Connecticut

It makes me think of the song, "When it's Coming From You" that describes that Chicago scene- maybe I'll dust that off and finally finish some while my voice has made a brief appearance back!

Okay...much to do on this last day in sunny LA... I had the Nursedes convertible top down bringing Cali to work- getting our iced coffee and listening to music. Another thing I love and everyone should experience? Convertible driving in November and December! ;) Happy Sunday, you will be hearing LOTS from me this upcoming week with some footage with Chris, I hope. I wanted to average one blog entry a week during the year, and I think I'm on pace to beat that. Finally is closing in on what it should have been since 2006. Thank you for those who read along and spend your time hearing my thoughts and music. it means the world to me!

~the big turkey

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