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"Engaging Title"

haha.... okay so my blog told me to enter an engaging title... I figured I'd follow directions for once! (don't get used to it). I hassled my brother to dust off/fusc off some old videos for my site.... look forward to those in the Papparazzi section of my page, which will host a lot of the content. I'm also slowly adding all the old "Future Classics" from the Michael Danger Fusco "Greatest Misses" catalogue... so if you're into seeing my roots, I welcome you to check it out. I've been told everything you need to know about me you can see in my eyes and hear in my music...

I'm working on today seperating the music section by Solo work and some band projects I have going on. My first and foremost collaboration is "The DryKnuckle BedHeads" with the most unfairly talented and soulful guy I call my best friend, Chris Moore ( . My other projects are the newly formed P.S.(pimpswag) with T-No and "The Whitewall Slicks" with my brother and former band-mate, Jim Fusco (

I'm starting to get a clearer vision of the site and what I want it to be. The ultimate goal? To spread music and love... that's been my mission since as long as I had control of my own cognitive function. Any time not spent on love is a waste of time. So donate, help others, give on the days you feel like you have the least because someone out there dreams to someday be as comfortable as you are at your "worst". Help others to achieve their dreams... the more you do, the quicker you'll reach your own. That has been my mantra.... even with a broken heart at the moment, I won't be forgetting that or losing hope.

Happy first day of spring, everyone! Love, laughter, and light...

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