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As the hours of sleep diminish, the number of songs increase. Having spent more time with T-No lately he's been able to see the mad-scientist like bursts of me demanding silence and I jot down a brand new song in it's entirety and debut it...With him watching it all happen in less than 2 minutes. The word, "How???" comes to mind, he said! It's definitely cheered me up a little. So after a year last year with such little inspiration, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the latest new tunes. Since November, I've had 9 new songs... 8 have come in the last month or so. It's a pace I haven't seen since High School. It's been really nice sharing and collaborating, but these tracks here are ones that were fully solo.... It means a lot to me to have a friend care and encourage me.

In November:

"Angel on My Tree"

Since Late Jan:


"Getting Lost"

Don't Go Falling in Love"

"I'm Just...Different"

"Playing with Fire"

"A Player...And A Gentleman"



The coolest part is none of them are crap. They span sooo many genres of music and cross many platforms. I'm hoping that'll help expand peoples horizons and bring some depth and harmony to the repetitive/overly catchy world we find ourselves in. All of these songs were so natural, came so freely and organically, and have the added bonus of clever/deep/entertaining lyrics. I may live in a nuthouse in a neighborhood of crazies, but inspiration is everywhere. It's amazing how much the show that we call this world comes with free commentary. In high schook, an english teacher asked us to explain our interpretation of the line, "I am a part of all that I have met" from "Ulysses". I was the first one Mrs Miller called on, and I just said without thinking much, "I am silly putty... and the world is a path of newspaper. I take a little of everyone I meet with me... and everyone leaves a little mark."

My songs are often portions of that silly putty stretched out to focus on a single idea or perspective... and I am very blessed. I'm not just a ball rolling in search of print... if anything, I have too much newspaper. For that, I feel incredibly fortunate.

This friday I fly home... hoping to do some sessions with Chris to get DryKnuckle BedHeads content on the site. We have an amazing track list forming for our inevitable album, released on Em-Eff Records (people can say those Em-Eff'R's make good music! haha). Also my brother got me for a present a road trip to a little town called Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to see the MARTIN GUITAR FACTORY! I cannot wait to be surrounded by artisans and the smell of exotic tone-woods from around the world.

Thanks for reading if you did...if you didn't... thanks for looking at my pic. Glad you think I'm sexy lol... Keep it real... chin up, Mike....

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