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Captain's Blog... star date March 22. I'm currently sitting at *NOT* Starbucks trying to gather the mountain of paperwork that's involved with my next couple steps. What those are? I'm hoping I can pull a local news method and tease you to coming back for more... Send some prayers! (Not for my success.. but that my ink cartridge can survive the evening. I have an INK-ling it will, though!) One plus side? No trabajo para mi manana! And yet sleep will still be fleeting!

I added a few paragraphs to the "About Me" page. It's sort of like a mini biography of my life in a creative sense. It definitely is a rambler and leaves me with lots to add and organize.. but there's some more for those of you who want to get a better sense of who I am/where I'm from.

So I bugged my brother again for (the correct video clips this time). My goal while I'm here is to import, edit, and post a few old school clips. Check out the Paparazzi tab where I host my pictures and videos. thanks for reading... love and light

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