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Goin Goin, Back Back, to CT CT

Back at it again…

What a whirlwind couple of days it has been… it’s been absolutely incredible, actually. As I sit here now, at 3:18am East Coast time/12:18am west coast time…I’m wide-awake despite barely a wink of sleep in 72 hours because I still run on MFST.

So I’m in Connecticut!!! The air, the feel, the welcome I got from friends on my phone and family especially… it’s been wonderful. So as I sit here eating a cheese/Italian bread sandwich with diet coke, I want to write and catch you up while feeling extremely Me right now.

Had a minor setback due to excessive crowds on Wednesday morning for the acting front of my endeavors, but I spent some time on stand-up bits and got to take care of some errands. Then a burst of sunshine of a person picked me up and took me out for sushi and we had a total blast… followed by hanging with Tino. My last night in Cali I went to bed at 5am, woke for work at 7:30am, worked, came home, and went on an absolutely breathtaking hike up the Hollywood Hills and got to see secret gardens and ponds that I would have never found on my own. It put a whole new beauty on the city that I love. We got coffee and tea, left a note in a desk for a stranger, and ate churro borough ice cream sandwiches. I hung out with all the guys in the neighborhood all night til they took me to the airport at 3am. It was literally the PERFECT send-off for my cali hiatus back home.

My flights were great and was immediately picked up and treated to dinner with my parents at Cracker Barrel, and got to go to my brothers to see my nephew Jonny Fusco, Mr Cheeks himself! We had some dessert and coffee, and then I’ll get into the music/art stuff.

To complete the perfect day, Chris Moore, fellow DryKnuckle BedHeader came over. We got some Dunkin hot chocolates and jammed in the studio. I got to play him 7 or 8 of my new songs, he played me two of his newest, and we collaborated on one he started and I am absolutely invigorated. Happiness is my recording studio with Chris…. There’s nothing else I love as much. He is such a genius with words and I am pretty sure he is a bottomless cup of catchy, unique, soulful tunes. We bring out the absolute best in each other because we’re each other’s number one fans. And Im’m okay with that.

Just mostly wanted to share some quick pics and stories… It’s tough to not feel like a huge part of me is missing but I am doing what I can to stay focused and inspired and take my art seriously… and I’m hoping I can change the world. I keep telling myself, “Do your art justice and you will be noticed… you’re going to help someone. You’re going to make someone happy forever… you’re going to make the world a place to love and be loved above all else.”

But for now… I’m going to make another cheese sandwich.

LOL (land o’lakes). Night and talk soon.. my goal this weekend is making plans and gathering content!

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