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Small Moves...

I've been thinking a lot today about people giving up. People give up so easily on things, and it's disappointing to me because, in my limited experience, the best things have come with hard work and perserverance. We're living in a 2016 where people are given exactly what they want and they still run away and they can't work through things together. That's why people settle on jobs they don't like or run away if a relationship gets hard. I feel bad for them.... To quote a Wallflowers song, "This ain't a righteous love, even a good one... these ain't the kinds of returns that I was thinking of. Unbearable now- you ain't seen nothin yet...You'll see me dead before you see me quit."

I am going to do my best to remain positive. I read a quote somewhere today that said (I'm paraphrasing), if you don't let go of the past you'll never have the future you truly want. Those who remain crippled by problems from their past- they are victims of nothing but their own mind. They have been given a lesson- and that may have been a good or bad one... but they weren't damaged. The damage is what we do to ourselves long after. Life is too short to avoid love and intimacy. Life is too short to live it in ones mind. Sure, I want to play out my dreams in my mind... but I want to live them out in life. No excuses. No geography no stress or feeling of burden because we are busy. We are so lucky, blessed, and creative to find ourselves with such a full life.

Im at my local 'Bucks after a quick visit with Chris to talk about life and women... looking through the take a book/leave a book library the Meriden Barista's have set up in a great, old bookshelf. I'm going to go wander with my camera that got me across the country and then head back to the studio. Look for some very amateur photography in my paparazzi page later tonight! Mi noche sabado? It will be spent eating apizza with mi familia and then finishing "Getting Lost"... first new song I've finished recording in years. In the meantime... I'm off to do some getting lost myself.

still daydreaming of my hollywood hike with an amazingly positive person. Chin up and count your blessings til you realize you have too many to count! and help others reach their dreams... the more you help reach theirs, the sooner you'll reach yours. the world isn't a solo fight. the world isn't a bitter, "look what I can do without you! and how I didnt need you!" Guess what? No one doubted that for a second. The tough part is doing it and sharing your heart.

now thats impressive.

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