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the easter Punny

Hello all, happiest Easter! Quick post today... though I'm having fun with my family, especially my lil nephew Jonny, there is a part of me that is down. Something like Triscuits or a toothbrush, tea or my glasses currently has the ability to fill my heart with an ache and pull... Definitely missing something.

Very much looking forward to hitting the open road tomorrow for the Martin Guitar factory tour in Pennsylvania. Can't wait to eat some great meals, do some epic shopping, and drool over some guitars! I played my bro some of my new stuff today- "Getting Lost" and an old version of "Freezing Time" i'm trying to revive... it seemed like a decent response. I hope I get to do a lot while I'm here, even if right now it very much hurts to. He brought his beautiful Martin custom MMB acoustic guitar per my request. I didn't get a chance to track to the basis acoustic on "Recipe" and wanted to complete it while I'm here. I had long since tweeted for months now that at age 29, I wrote a song that no matter how many times I sing/hear it, it fills my eyes with so much emotion by the end. Now- the thought of trying to record it seems impossible.. so another gem lost to circumstance. I played and sang it for Chris the other night and man was that tough...

I ate my weight in lasagna and antipasto today- hoping my second "dessert" stomach will be ready for pastry after :) later all... hoppy easter!

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