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Played till Our Fingers Bled...

Chris and I played at the local coffee/tea/crepes place "Perk on Main" and when it comes to performances, we totally kicked the Crepe out of it! It was an honor to have Chris' finance Nicole and friend Larry there supporting us, an the others who offered that I said no to (Caity and Alliea, amongst others). It marked the first time we played out just me and Chris... which is nice to know neither of us will give up on our little band that formed awhile back. It could have been all too easy to drift apart as friends after our normal "Crew" went our different ways... but instead we got closer. It woulda been a convenient excuse to say we lost touch when I moved out west... but instead, we are closer than ever. I'm honored to be the best man at his wedding coming up in July. Hopefully we will be able to play a song together per his and Nicole's request. Lots of planning and coordination to come in the next months.

Look out for the additional of a couple songs we happened to catch on tape during our performance under the Music page and section of The DryKnuckle BedHeads! Hope you enjoy!

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