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Raising the Bar

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend thus far. After the high from The DKBH Live performance, I could barely sleep. This didn't bode so well for a 7am wake-up for the annual McSorley's Pilgrimage in NYC! But I had a great time with the guys and ran into (to borrow a term from Forrest Gump) my best-good friend Steve and his parents ("my other parents"). I was up nearly all night Saturday because it SNOWED! And then I had to wake up early today for my family and friend combo birthday party (photos to come!).

But I want to discuss some quick things I'm excited about for the page. First of all, I got my vouchers for Google Ads so hopefully I can bring some traffic in. In the quest for content, I looked through my Photos app on my laptop and found ALL of the videos from my cross-country moving trip. I've decided I will edit, upload, and organize them under the "My Story" section of my site. I'm going to add a photo album that documents the whole trip as well, so look forward to that coming up soon! It was so inspiring to relive that journey and think about where I've come from, where I've been, what I've seen, and what's happened in life. I am truly blessed and I can find a way to feel proud of being uniquely me. Also, one of my many amazing presents today was from my Aunt Carmel, Uncle Kenny, and Cousin Sarah... A Go-Pro HD Waterproof video camera! it does 60 frames per second 1080p video and still shots. Also, they got me a bunch of handy stands/clips... so you can look forward to more video content, including on-guitar and on-drum mounted shots. Very excited to get more content out there!

Other shop talk- added my InstaFusc feed to the contact page- my personal one for now. I'm considering making it only music themed since I like Facebook more. I will be synching the twitter feed Chris made for me FuscFansOfficial on the contact page as well to share news and lyrics.

Okay so tonight maybe more snow but I'm not going to go bundle up and sing Christmas songs in the studio like last night lmao... Tonight I make up for not sleeping over a week (which I know surprises no one!). Stop by soon, I'll have more pics up and hopefully can dig up even more old song recordings from the "Future Classics" days. later gators!

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