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CT Dreamin on Such A Winter's Day

Well, the end of another 2 week trip is here. This is my last day/night in tizzown (for reals), and I have had an eventful last few days. I'm going to do my best to sum it up quickly because the 'Bucks I currently reside at is closing soon! My Vanilla Chai Tea Latte will far outlast this visit. I have NO idea why I ordered this... I hate Chai's normally (they taste like Yankee Candle jar post-burning to me) lmao... but i thought I'd give it a Chai again ;)

Sooooo my birthday came and went! I am officially scratching the surface of my third decade on this planet. I got some incredible presets.... including a brand new Danelectro Electric Guitar in mi color favorito- Naranja! Orange you excited for me?? It sounds and plays Amazingly... this particular model if from the '59 NOS models. They had the signature lipstick-style pickups from the ate 80s/early 90s I believe- and they had wound tons of them and literally lost a huge quantity. They found this big batch- so they're able to sell brand new electric guitars with pickups that were wound to sound vintage.... with the added benefit of these being aged to vintage level already! Very awesome. I also got a melodica, made famous to my by the early works of Ben Folds. I love trying new instruments and this one is incredible as far as sustain control goes since it is technically a wind instrument on a mini keyboard. I got a new leather bag for my laptop trips to various coffee places and an amazing Fujifilm instant camera that prints out (for lack of a better term) polaroid pictures! So I brought that to my trip to NYC and had a blast with Steve and took instant pics with bar-folk and friends alike. And it's ironic that I got the amazing GoPro Digital video camera from my cousin Sarah... it's as technologically advanced as possible and here I am excited still for polaroids.

So a couple of new features on the site I'm excited about. A few I mentioned earlier that will document my cross country trip on the My Story page. Another thing I am going to add for the musicians like me who are gear-heads is a section on my guitar rig/all of my equipment. I have such an extensive collection. One of my favorite things was a tribute Dhani Harrison did for his dad George following his death. He created an iPad App that showed ALL of George's guitars and what songs they were used on. So tonight I am going to archive what I have in CT best I can and that can be something I chip away at over the next few weeks. Kids, you can see what years worth of paychecks has gone to! :)

I have no idea what my return to Cali will hold. I definitely am looking forward to some warm weather again, although this taste of winter was pretty perfect considering all that's happened the last 3 weeks. Mother nature always seems to know...

I turned down an extended stay in NYC and a few friend hang-outs tonight to spend the evening alone in the studio and maybe I can do what I've been avoiding all trip... recording. I've been busy jamming and staying distracted and anything except sleeping lol. So... I will try and get some quick pics on here for those visual friends out there and I will see you all again soon from the other coast. CT, I will be back soon and have many trips planned this summer. In the meantime, stay classy and thanks for stopping by! ~mdf

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