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Who needs sleep?

Hello friends! Thank you for stopping by as always! So I have been busy this week and wanted to take a moment and get back into the site now that the weekend has FINALLY arrived... although I've lived the whole week like a night with no tomorrow. (Ooo I call dibs on that for an album name!) Lol.. I've gotten through the first week back at work following vacation home... which is always the toughest. It helped to have a warm welcome back and spend nights exploring all that LA has to offer. Great local food, awesome hidden sights, and new people and indie art of all sorts. I have been playing an eclectic blend of music this week both in the car and on my guitar. I've been dipping into some recent tracks Chris and I have worked on for The DKBH's. One song in particular "Sometimes I sit and Wonder"- it was a snippet of a verse Chris drunkenly called and left on my voicemail awhile back and I loved it. When we met in the fall and winter trips, it developed into a full song with me contributing a chorus based on the original idea. The concept was sitting and wondering if our creative powers were gone... "if our gifts gone under". The chorus was admitting maybe we aren't exploding with songs like we had been but we know it'll always be a part of who we truly are. Someone told me yesterday, "You're even more than you know", which I absolutely loved to hear. I guess that's why I had it in my head.

I have been thinking of the song, "Barstow" that's secretly (not so much anymore!) about Dunkin Donuts. Duncan for me is home, and that is my love for it. It starts with Alberto working there in high school, Guy's Night/pre-wrestling trips, pre/post Home Depot trips with my dad, or shopping and doctor trips with my mom. Hell, my last night in town, Chris drove myself and my parents to Dunkin in his Challenger and we just sat and talked before my big move to Cali the next day. That song is so big, epic, and trip- I can't wait to start tackling it. Lastly, I've really been thinking of the song, "Chipmunk (Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?)" What a tune. What a happy, catchy, bright tune- one of many that sprouted from my whirlwind, comet of a love affair a couple years ago at about 50,000 feet in the air. I WILL record these...but it's been nice revisiting them and jamming.

Not much news because of all the work. I'm going to do some laundry and sleep eventually- tomorrow I'll be posting up at a coffee-like establishment and working on the site additions I mentioned recently. see you soon! :)

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