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Uke'll Lip Dis

I wasn't sure what I should Koala this post... so this is what I went with :) Hello strangers. I have encountered the wonderful problem with internet connection (1999 called, they want their problems back!) And my omnipresent sleep problems have put things on a delay. I have been playing a lot recently and getting a little braver with sharing my music... It's tough to accept the positive vibes/encouragement. I was told last night, "This is something that should be shared, Michael! When was the last time you played a show in California? Why? Why don't you finish songs? Why did you last finish a song in 2012?" I don't know. I have no answers. It's easier to live it in my head. I'm going to do my best to come out of the frame of mind, but for anyone who has shared something they've created, it's easier said than done. There's a stress that goes into hoping it'll be understood or appreciated... hoping people will give it a chance. All I know is I hear songs like Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys' "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" and I can relate so well to that. I'm in the totally wrong time/era. To this explanation I was told, "Well, bring it back again! If anyone could, it's you." And that's been stuck in my mind today.

I'm going to go start using my vouchers to promote the site before they expire again lol. Hopefully that'll get me more than one visitor a month. Once I get the content going, I can start sharing it on my social media and hope some friends can give the sympathy click haha. I'm looking forward to getting past the rut. The best things in life have come about when I've reached the point right before a breakthrough and changed my mantra to "Ehh... F- it!"

So.... to any worry or stress or self-doubt.... F- it. :) I'm gonna rock my ukulele, palm-mute away love/angst-infused rock, finger-pick away love-lorn folk songs, and head bop/toe tap to some catchy modern pop/dance songs... cuz they're all me... a little something for everyone. Talk soon...

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