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Danger is My Middle Name...

Today's blog entry is about a few new songs and a few songs I've been working on. The photo here is to represent moving forward, but remembering to occasionally look back. My biggest problem is having a bunch of songs coming to me and then the inspiration of those songs disappearing from my life. Suddenly, I deem those in my mind as "irrelevant" tunes... they've been robbed of the "whole purpose of finishing them." Stay with me... I'm working on rewiring my brain! So the latest tracks on my mind and on my recently opened files list inclue- "Goin Somewhere?", "Getting Lost", "Dark Passenger", "Wish for A Bit Less", and "Do You Feel Lucky?" "Goin Somewhere" is about the prospective of a new person in life that you could see going.... well... somewhere haha. The problem with limitless possibilities is that it allows for failure to be among those potential outcomes. I Have learned my lesson not to date someone you meet at a reality show taping lol. Notable lines, "Every night when you'd call... you'd ask me where I'd been.. but it's you that went AWOL... and why I like you, I don't know; I must have forgot. ....Oh wait, it's cuz you're hot. But tell me, Baby- Why so crazy?... and mess with my mind..."

"Dark Passenger" was actually a song inspired by the death of one of Dexter's love's in the Showtime show "Dexter". It's about the conflict of knowing you're troubled past will drag somebody dow, yet not wanting to lose them because of the light they bring you. The song literally flooded the space of the silence that came over me and my parents basement after the closing moments of Season 4. (doing my best not to spoil, but c'mon, if you haven't watched it now haha). Notable lines: "I swore that I would chose you- over my urge... over the need I feel inside..." "You're damaged as me, but your warmth's what I need"... "I don't know... don't think it's my fault... how I act? Something I was taught..."

""Wish for A Bit Less" was a tune that came to me in a dream- where I was in a jet pack around the earth and had two hands at each trigger jetting myself further into space... All of my body aching to venture further but reality pull me back and haven't to dream within boundaries. "You think by now I'd know to wish for a bit less.."

Good news is... I haven't. :)

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