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Hi! Been flying under the radar recently but I have been a busy bee behind the scenes. I have been working simultaneously on "Getting Lost", "Goin Somewhere?", and my newest song, "Her Name". My newest music has been a perplexing mix of genres. I want to say it's a mix of pop, rock, folk, reggae, and island music. I am not sure if it's influenced by nature, by the nature of some people I hang out with, by my mood, or it's just simply the music from my soul. I have NEVER had control of the songs that I write, so I can just say simply and unapologetically "here it is- this is me." Maybe sometimes it's the style of music you like, maybe it's not. I have trouble with artists who maintain only one sound. I love the Beach Boys, but if they never progressed passed surfing music, they wouldn't be all they are today, especially to me. You listen to songs like "Good Vibrations" and "California Girls", and it's sort of an evolution of their sound. It's unmistakably them, but it has morphed. Is that maturity? I certainly don't think so. I still find I'm hardly driven by myself and entirely driven off of love. I have accepted that and no longer think it's a weakness. It's just me :) I am reallllly excited about the stuff I've been working on, and hope to get more non-music content on the site soon. I have to photograph my California inventory of instruments and gear before I put on that section I've mentioned in previous blog posts.

Okay I'm doing some beat-mapping at Starbucks right now in lieu of my drumset. This is torturous and tedious for someone whose first love is drumming. I am looking forward to my next visit home to see my bestie get married... but my first stop once my parents drive me home will be the same as always. Go inside, get the key, go out to the studio, and sit behind the drum set and make up for lost time! Can't wait!

I'm gonna be better this week about writing and loading content. Til then, dust of some oldies on my soundcloud page and thank you for caring about my life, my music, and my passions. It means a lot to me!

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