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Overcoming Obstacles...

Every have one of those days- no months- no, LIVES that seem like NOTHING comes easily?? I wonder if it's because I want things a certain way/Just right, or if it's because I'm cursed lol. I like to think it's the former.

I'd like to take the time and do an update. Been doing my best to exercise as of late- actually going running after I hit "Publish" on this today. There just never seems to be enough time to do a fraction of all I want to do. I will work on my time management... as soon as I get some time to do that. hahah. But this kicks off a Memorial Day weekend that ended up being a 4 day weekend for me. I'm really excited about that! Got some things settled with my car, including the Nursedes plate you see pictured here. Yes, as if The Fustang wasn't enough, I plan on having a fleet of punly-named cars in my collection someday. Counting shared ownership of the FusComaro, I am up to three! :) Currently I have been listening to things that are historically heralded as "the best" recordings in terms of production. I don't know if it's the song itself, the feel, the performance, or the capturing/mix/production of a song that makes it magical, but that's been my obsessive homework recently. I think of it as ear exercise, because one of the hardest things I've encountered in my days of music is transferring it from the medium of my psychotic brain to a tangible media such as a cd/tape/miniDisc/digital file. It's daunting. The vocals are the hardest part. I HATE how I sound recorded when it comes to vocals. When the DryKnuckle BedHeads played live this spring, I had two strangers compliment my vocals and one said I have perfect pitch. In old recordings, all I hate are how timid and embarrassed I sounded. I'm not sure if it's being shy or scared of sharing that deep part of ones self that's reserved for original music, but it has to stop. I honestly believe that's why so many musicians look to drugs and alcohol. It alters their actions- and with the right balance, it shaves off inhibitions and kicks up energy, while maintaining some level of cognitive control. But that is a slippery slope in which I do not want to venture down (although that DryKnuckle BedHeads performance was proceeded by 3 Twisted Teas... which are so much stronger than their name and summery packaging would let on!). This weekend will be jamming today, more blogging and site work tomorrow, recording tomorrow and sunday, and hiking/enjoying nature on the holiday monday. Until tomorrow; stay classy, Internet.

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