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Drumming Up Something New...

Hello Hello, happy Sunday! Spent this morning slaving over my laptop with Starbucks nearly completing captions for the new My Gear section of the site. Now? It's Sunday evening, and I'm back to slaving over my laptop with Starbucks lol. I've had a list of new show venues I've seen around to play, and so I've been writing e-mails and filling out applications. Next on the order of business is finding a date that I can go back to Central Casting and get in their system so I can have some updates on the film star frontier.

Today I worked out the middle to a song that I had the tune to but hadn't found the chords. Those familiar with my music will know that the easiest chord isn't typically the right one lol. It takes a very specific mood and feeling of ambition to sit down and give it the proper time it deserves. I also started laying down some of the more recent songs, "Undiscovered", "Player and A Gentleman", rehearsed, "Playing with Fire", and nearly finished beat-mapping the newest song I'm most excited about, "Cali". Very much looking forward to working on these more, but I know time is never in enough supply. I think I'm going to start going home on my lunch breaks, eating a quick salad, and working on any number of projects... just to remind me during the Halftime Show of a stressful work day of why I'm truly here. It's so easy to get caught up in work and bills but the sacrifice has to be made. I'll never be someone who gives up on himself... for better or for worse, I believe in me... and thanks to life lately, that belief is growing and no longer feeling so foolish.

Hope you all had a productive day, too... going to do some formatting for the mobile pages now. See you all soon!

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