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Like A Rolling Fossil...

Hello hello mis amigos! It is a sweltering 103 degrees currently in Los Angeles... but I love it! I will be taking this work show on the road later for Dunkin Donuts happy hour- 99 cent ice coffee with my name written all over it lol. So I have been getting busy living... speaking of Dylan lines lol. I saw Bob Dylan live with my good buddy Tomas here in LA. Unfortunately, the show was not nearly as dynamic as the last time I saw him with Chris. Last time, his voice wasn't as good, but he played guitar (both electric and acoustic), piano, and harmonica and played a LOT of songs I knew. This time? He stood there. He tapped the piano in recent-Brian-Wilson-esque fashion, and accompanied two songs with the blues harp. His voice was clear and smooth, but the songs were of his recent waltz genre. The crowd was noticeably restless of this. There was a strong start with "I used to care but... things have changed". The next song we knew was the last song, an unrecognizable version of "Blowin in the Wind". Nonetheless, we got to see the legend in Los Angeles, and there was something spiritual and magical about that. I would have, however, paid twice as much to hear him with an acoustic guitar sing a mix of old and new, without the far-too polished backing band. It sounded spacey almost. Unusual.

Today I will be starting to lay the foundation of the song, "Euphoria!!!" Recently, I've gotten to share songs with Cali and she has been very encouraging of my dreams. Also, it's really fun to play stuff with a good groove and watch her invent a dance to it. That will be some YouTube videos coming up soon! :)

What's really exciting is MY TRIP BACK HOME!!! Connecticut here I come! ShedZepplin/Feel Like Makin Loft Studios, here I come!! I am soon excited to be back for an action-packed trip. I'll be serving as both a Godfather to my nephew Jonny and a best man to the best man I know, my DryKnuckle BedHeads partner and bestest in the eastest Mr Chris Moore. I'm excited to sleep in a new bed and just generally hang out with my parents in the perfect CT summers. I can't wait to see my friends and I know that smell, sizzle, and sounds of summer in New England will fill my heart with a renewed sense of energy and motivation. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to more content to be shared on here! Keep believing :)

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