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An Engaging Title...

Hellllooo! So my blog page asks me to "Add an engaging title"... which I thought was Ironic, because CHRIS IS GETTING MARRIED IN TWO DAYS! So it's been a crazy-packed visit home so far, but tons of fun. I can't wait to be back again already!

So... quick updates. My flight left LAX late. This made me and about 8 others miss the connection in Texas. They had no other flights out. So, I stayed over night in Arlington. I had two more flights added, and got into town here a day late. But, an adventure nonetheless. I became a godfather officially this past Sunday and had a great lunch party at my favorite Italian restaurant with pretty much all of my relatives.

For music news, me and fellow DryKnuckle BedHead member Chris have been hanging out a lot, which has really made it feel like an exciting summer. Last trip in town, we got to play a live show. This trip, we're playing an original song, "The One For Me" at his wedding! This song appears on "The 2010 Project" and is one of my favorites from him. I'm honored that he not only made me his best man, but that he wants me to play and harmonize with him.

We wrote a new song that hit me like a shot of lightning (like all the good ones do!). We were driving late-night to Walmart/Dunkin, as one does in this town while bored. We saw someone leave a parking lot and drive their car off the road and flying down into an 8 foot or so drop onto train tracks. Fortunately the driver was okay... This did elicit a hysterical, ironic, and deep/meaningful song that came out instantly. It's moments like that I'm thankful for. You never know when inspiration will strike- and to have it happen while together was special. It's happened a lot since November pretty much, going back to "Angel on My Tree" in front of him and various songs in front of Tino. The DryKnuckle BedHeads album is up to 9 entirely co-written songs. We don't want to bring finished songs in and split them, it has to be totally together. So, we're so close!!! Stay tuned. That tune is called, "Ditched My Current Life."

Nooooowwww I will be doing some light exercise and getting ready for a packed day tomorrow. Lots to accomplish before Cali flies in on Thursday morning. I'm so excited to show her my home and have my family and friends meet her. Having lived in both CT and LA, I know how unbelievably rejuvenating Connecticut is. I want to show her the best food and scenery I can given a short time... but we obviously have Chris' wedding plans coordinate with. It has certainly been the trip of a lifetime, and I know it will keep being a blast! 2 months officially, and we haven't stopped having fun or laughing for a minute of it.

I really should be working on music right now while I have the studio at my disposal. But.. it may have to wait for my trip back again soon when there is less excitement going on. Love to you all... happy summer!! I'll write again soon and do my monthly update when the calendar changes :)

~the best man, Godfather, and founder of Feel Like Makin Loft Studios (aka Shed Zeppelin) haha

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