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Baseball and Bass (breaking my) balls

Ahoy, hoy! The summer heat has finally melted away from the day and I find myself poking away on my mobile studio pictured here. I'm at Glendale, California's Dunkin Donuts just chilling and working on some piano and bass for the song, "California". Spent today with a late, big breakfast... listened to the Mets game straight through (great win by the mets and deGrom!), worked on music, hike to the Observatory later, and Sunday night late movies... keeping with tradition. You could call this a lazy Sunday... I call it A Vintage Mike day.

and vintage never goes out of style :) hit ya up soon... hoping to start making myself work at least 1-2 hours a day on music, acting, and website stuff. Let's try it out this week. So much to do and say, and an entire lifetime would hardly be enough time!

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